Friday, 5 July 2013

Naina loved him....

We never know what happens during falling in love and how does it happen ? It just happens ... It's just a moment when you realize that you are actually in love.Love can not be forced neither it can be expected.We can not decide to fall in love with someone neither we can choose whom we should love.We just feel like to be on the cloud nine.

I don't know how my readers took the movie Yeh Jawaani hain Deewani !! I am not giving a review surely.Apart from the typical Bollywood dance and few unreal sequences (though I liked) I surely can say that the main story of Bunny and Naina can happen.

Life is full of unexpectations and is real uncertain game to play with.We never know what is waiting for us in near future and what is exactly going to happen.Life has it's twists and turns to amaze us with.

Loved the way Naina used to like and love Bunny but kept it secret without expecting him to fall in love with her.Loved the way she encouraged him to reach his dream destination without willing to have him with her selflessly.Loved the way she kept her emotions with her.

A true mature love happens like this only I guess...

We can never demand,we can never force but only thing which we can do is to LOVE limitlessly..

P.S I wondered whether this Naina [Deepika Padukone] was the same who played Veronica ??In every shot she was wonderfully captured..Her beauty was personified in a true manner.She was so beautiful while playing a nerd and geek also...Loved the NAINA

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  1. Rajnish ji Thanks for thinking my post as influential and thanks for wishing me ...

  2. shez my fav... n i love this movie... thank u for writing abt it... :) :)


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