Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heart Break ...

Hmm ... Heard this before but today when saw this picture on Yahoo,unwillingly I felt very bad and sad.You readers might be thinking that I am so damn crazy and mad but...phewwwwww  it's true.I have already shared about him in my profile and I can feel the butterflies flying inside my stomach and get repeated harsh heartbeats when I see him in posters or ads or anywhere.

I am so so so mad for him that I dreamt of a romantic dinner too with him.

He is none other than THE VIRAT KOHLI..

I know there are so many girls out there around India or may be world to behave such insane like me but the truth is that I felt bad... and still feeling bad..

I am getting jealous and annoyed too :( Ignored his link ups with Tamanna,Sarah and many more.But this time with Izabelle Leite could not ignore after these pictures .... :(

Source : Yahoo

source : Google

Source : Google

I can't express how much pain I was feeling while pasting these pictures... 

Deeply weeping now ... 

Still wish them a good luck.. :D

 and on a good note I must admit and promise that my heart will keep on doing DHAK DHAK for you ... mmmmuuaaahhhhh ♥♥♥

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  1. *sigh*... but dont worry dear.. hope virat knows he has such a great fan!!


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