Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Winter is harmful !! Why ??

Many of you would be eager to know why? or few of you are getting ready to read it carefully.Before you read the post I must say that please !! Don't be serious and yes I know that more over than 85% of you love this season.Even also I know that few of you would love to run behind me with saucepan, stick or broom after reading this non- sense post.Hey !! I have called it non-sense though, but please when you are on this page then do me a favor by reading it.

Winter is going to end within a month and everyone is enjoying this season from all point of view.But let me write down few points which may surely make you think the same.So jump down to the reasons...

  • You're late.You often miss your bus,train or scheduled job at time because you pressed snooze again and slept for some more extra mins under the blanket. [harmful to ethical behavior]   


  • Your biggest nightmare is to touch water specially at morning, even you get scared to drink more water !! [harmful to health and habit]

  • You love to attend parties, events,fairs,film festivals,carnivals and to have fun at amusement park but get frustrated to see you at office desk, then get you helpless in-front of time+ work [harmful to fun loving mind]

  • You did never know that scratching with your own nails could cause this much of pain.Holy Crap !! This winter !![harmful to pain reliever]

  • You are bored to pack yourself inside the woolen humpies and cover your lovely dressed under them.Always packed !! [harmful to move freely]

  • You realize that you just missed your morning for the last hangover !! (I did booze much right?? This chill is so lovely)  [Unconscious harm]

  • You don't need a cigar to throw out the smoke.Because you  have already got foggy smoke inside of you to take out.Just open your mouth & breath out. LOL [harmful to cigar brands]

  • You don't need a notebook or notepad to doodle/scribble. You straight write them in the foggy glass doors. Just use the fog !! [harmful to notebook sellers]

  • Dependency is always bad and harmful. You were never dependent on anything but now you are poorly depended on CREAMS. You are just in love with petrolium jellies,creams,body oils and other healing cosmetics.

  • At last but not the least, You feel to eat every time you see the colorful,fresh,greenery,glossy,glamorous veggies and hot served food.Even you hardly control yourself from eating them.Then then ?? the next person sleep with you complains on the next morning for your unconscious misbehavior. POLLUTION is the word !! [Very harmful to prestige/health both] ....

Though I have never been late, so first point is not at applicable for me but I know these are common problems we suffer. Hope you enjoyed it and didn't take this seriously at all. Because I am scribbling now.This is a weird post and I may laugh after few months if I read it again!! 

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  1. I agree with most of the points :-) nicely written..

  2. nice one. still i love winter :D

  3. lol, good one. But I still don't believe you actually hate this weather.

    1. Why so ?? @Brendan ?? Ha ha ... no no really I hate this season !!


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