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The Waning Hero

There are two people whose stories, lifestyle influence me most and I can feel them through my vein and blood cells, for whom I can not resist a single opposing word, they are the people I feel regret to not meet with, I feel I born so late to have a pleasant appearance of them in front of me. I know the wish of meeting them will never be true. No I am not extending my post's length by writing some extra fancy words of own imagination. I truly feel this. Goosebumps are what welcome them into my soul every time I read them, I know them and see the history.One Idol is Rabindranath Tagore and another personality is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. It may be the Bengali connection or any other thread which stitch me into them and their deeds/contribution to country. I am very much sentimental to listen any negative against them. True confession.

But what makes me feel sad and down is the negligence our country has shown to my second Hero. Today his 117th birthday and unfortunately it is not a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. I know after reading this sentence many thoughts, statements or remarks may arise in my reader's mind. Please! let me continue and let this day be a non-controversial day for the sake of this late HERO's soul.
We all know what he did for country and what he did not ? Sorry did I say 'did not' ? He did every least possible things to save his country/ our country and that too ALONE. Rest of his deeds can be told by History itself. A tiny people like me don't have any right to explain his deeds in my post. Read him here 

Every time I went to his home 'Netaji Bhavan' and read his letters to his wife,mother, father and brother, saw his uniform, photos and his used utensils, his imprinted footsteps of escaping in disguise made me feel proud as well as made my eyes blurry with hazy tear shadows. A person like him was always ignored by central and was never given the 'should be given' honor. Controversies roam around over his death and many more incidents. Everything is mystery and will never be explored. A vanishing moment shattered all of us before Independence of India. He fought, he sacrificed, he gave up his joy to see the ray of freedom but we are unsure whether he experienced it or not. Whether he was alive then or not. We know that we did not see him at the time of Independence and their loophole of politics enter. Sorry !! but I don't want to bring the dirty games over this post now for his peaceful soul. We don't know what happened actually but the positive aspect is that he is the only AMAR [immortal] hero of India. We still know about today but don't have any clue about his expiration date [Yes wikipedia has quoted it though, but it is not proved. It is estimated]. He is the forever IMMORTAL hero.

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Few words ...

Dear Netaji,

                   Everytime I read you, I could feel you from inside. I don't know where you are and where you were. But wherever you are now I would love to wish your Birthday today and wish to see this day celebrated as NATIONAL holiday all over India [not only West Bengal, Tripura and Orissa].
You were the bravest person of all the time India could ever have, You had the most daring attitude a person can ever have to succeed his motto, You defined what One man Army is, You defined what Team work is, You defined what confidence is,You defined what Youth is for, You showed what DISCIPLINE is and you defined what RESPECT, PASSION and DESHPREM are. Bless us and this society with anti corruption, dishonesty and fill it with your ethical rules, respect towards women, action. Make our INDIA the same which you dreamed once. 

a documentary

The 'HIM'

His daughter

His speech

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