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End of a Nostalgic EPOCH

Everyone was praying for her well being and recovery, everyone was wishing her to get a bit more... more life.But all our prayers have turned into mournful nostalgia.Legendary actress of EVERGREEN Black and white Bengali Cinema and importantly Indian Cinema Suchitra Sen left us at the age of 82 today morning 8:25 am.Enough she fought for her life in past three weeks and when she was even on the way to recover a bit, the DEEP of her soul lit off. Hard to believe, but yet to be believed hat the another part of the best onscreen pair of the yesteryear has also demised.

One of my favorite actresses and beauties of silver screen is no more.I am still shocked.I grew up watching matinee movies of Suchitra and Uttam [telecasted specially on DD1] with ma. It was the time when I knew that BANGLA CHAYACHOBI is all about Uttam and Suchitra movies. For countless times I watched the same movies but frankly and honestly saying didn't ever feel to swap the channel. Her skills of act was undepictable. She was among them who could express all emotions of a self dignified woman through eyes and its different paradigms of glances. Now I really don't want to talk about her pick level of acts & analyze her deeds. Because for a tiny people like me, it will  not be so particular to do that.

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We saw her as the Smartest and mod Rina Brown to sing Merry go round in Saptapadi, we saw her as the soft and delicate Paro in Devdas, as sacrificing mother Debjani/Pannabai in Mamta, as brave Prafullo/ Devi Chaudhurani, as caring nurse Radha in Dweep Jwele Jai, as the romantic yet humorously strict Romola in Saare Chuattor, as Madhuri in Shapmochan, as strong Aarti Devi  in Andhi, as Archana in Saat Paake Badha and the list will go on increasing.

leaked picture

Many of her movies had been remade in Hindi. From Dweep Jwele Jai - Khamoshi, Uttar Falguni - Mamta, Agnipariksha - Choti si mulaqat to Saat Paake Badha - Kora Kagaz. In Indian film history she was the only one I guess who sacrificed her fame suddenly and went into a different world, backstage of life. She kept herself abaft the public gathering and any social  meet. The evergreen heroine and never dying beauty of Bengali cinema was last seen in 1978 and there after we all just knew that she was alive and living with us as an unseen star in a private own world.We only used to hear about her but never could see her recent photos, or any interviews. She was aloof from the industry to live her life in a spiritual way, gave a full stop to her peak career. No matter she was always the center of curiosity for all of Bengalis. Everyone including people of my generation like me kept on imagining her 'now'hood. Several media tried for long 36 years to explore her mystery land, but her strong will to self conceal won every time. She refused DADA SAHEB PHALKE award too. Her camouflaged shelter was only permitted for her closed ones.We could not know how did she look at old age until a short glimpse of her 'old' hood got leaked out by some media without her permission. She didn't let us to see the old 'Mahanayika' while staying alive and she kept on staying behind curtain when she passed by finally during her funeral. We are still roaming inside the mystery pot and will do so forever. But Thanks to her again for making her imprint as young as we saw. Just like her movies, her bright eyed, stupendous smiled, strict/ enigmatic/ dignified face will be evergreen and ever youth to all of us.

"Ei poth jodi na sesh hoye
tobe kemon hoto tumi bolotoh "

"if this road never ends
just tell me !!
how would it have been  ?"

the famous epitomized "can never be old" romantic song

- That road has concluded today.The best of bestest outcome Bengali Cinema could ever produce ended today. The label of Romance in Bengali industry is all about past now."Uttam-Suchitra" is history now.

Uttam-Suchitra in Saptapadi

First movie of Uttam-Suchitra pair.. Saare Chuattor

But your road to reach out our heart will never end. You were our Uttam- Suchitra and will remain until our last breath and even world's too.

R.I.P Mahanayika

য়েখানেই  আছো  , ভালো  থেকো  ।।

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