Friday, 24 January 2014

Bring me back my lost WOMANHOOD !!

Born as a human child,
was growing up in joy and pride...
regardless of discrimination,
that runs in my nation...
was dreaming high,
busy worshiping my god gifted life
was hoping for new rays to become alive ||

Suddenly could feel my abrupt change,
through my body,mind and hormonal imbalance..
leaving my girlhood behind,
stepping into my another side..
becoming a complete grown up
wrapping inside the 'Womanhood' attire  ||

Gazes over me have changed
before it was plain,
and now it is instinctually insane...
vulturistic eyes with huge distinct thirst,
and never ending lust ...
prey me to haunt,
with regular taunts...
taunts to my body, figure and dignity,
and they dream of my nudity...
touch me here and there,
often in crowded sphere...
rape me, kill me 
with gang of beastly men
torture me and my self respect,
show me your hatred ||

Once I was born as a human child,
with a little hope and brittle pride...
never knew I would become a toy for fun,
& would need to fight for my lost respect & JUSTICE


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