Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Inhaling your MUSIC into me

It started with 'dil hain chota sa' & 'Rukmani Rukmani' and at that time I had probably the least sensory nerves to feel his music. Yes, after a long hustle and tussle today finally I am all set to write on him and my soul connectivity towards his creation of new aromatic music. Hope you all have got his name on your mind.He is none other than Respected Allah Rakha Rahman [A.R.Rahman], the living music maestro of India. It is not that,in India we have less creative music directors or musicians as India is herself a heritage of art and culture.But regardless of showing disrespect to all of them I just want to and love to place him at the top of my chart among all favorite musicians of my era.

I hardly could understand his essence and versatility of music when DD National used to telecast Roja on every Republic Day/Independence Day. I could match the steps with 'Tanha Tanha' & 'Rangeela Re' everytime Superhit muqabla played, but could never feel the true shades of his various music. I just knew that those were good musics which made me to come up on the floor to dance and that was obvious too. Isn't it? I was an immature kid only and to feel his music one needs to drown him/herself into the flow of his tunes.

So time was passing by and I was becoming a little older year by year. And I don't know when I fell in love with all of his innovations in maddest possible way. Hardly I could and can ignore his creativity.It's true few times I became disappointed with few of his tunes. But for 98% of tunes I fell in love again and again.Over that his calm and serene personality pleases me everytime. "Dedication is the key behind success" - is what he believes.His dedication is more than a dedication.It is much more similar to worshiping. That's what inspires me most. Holiness,discipline, cleanness, spirituality complete his total presence and I feel he surrenders in front of almighty every-time  he reunites with MUSIC.

For me his music always connects human soul with nature's different moods & most importantly his music always have achieved spirituality. Spirituality through beats,rhythms & different not so popular yet perfect voices. I feel his music tells to open up your soul towards the creation of god i.e natural aesthetic beauty of world. Few of his  tracks always defined the term 'Mukti' to me, it always defined me to be myself & to enjoy my own companion with holding hand of green leaves, blue sky, falling raindrops, roaring sea waves , chirping birds and spiritual chants and much more. He made me groove with his music like a free carefree bird alone, to jump and run like a crazy chap, to shed tears, to love with purity, and to shake my legs & head to keep track of his music beat & rhythm and most importantly everytime he made me to say "What a composition Sir, You are a true genius".

- Here I am enlisting few tracks. The order of listing doesn't conclude the order of priority.I am sure I am gonna get mad and this list is going to be bigger, bigger and biggest.

I am tired .. Have you counted or just skipped ? These were some of my favorites. I would have died to enlist all my favorites. But these songs are played most of the times by me.You can click on the names to listen the song.
Love you Sir. Keep blessing us with your magical spell 

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