Friday, 3 January 2014

Can you compose for me ??

Today I am about to write about someone, oops!! I should say some special one who has always soothen up our ears and stroked the strings of heart

Can you guess ??

Okay let me give you some hints..

 ... He is famous but not so much hyped in Bollywood.He is unique with his music and tunes.Everytime he has come up with biggest hits but hardly he got awarded for that. Even we are not so familiar with his interviews.He is an young so talented music director of Bollywood and has been showing his expertise for last 6-7 years..

Now ?? Have you got it ?

No ... Then let me sum up his songs first [only my favorite tracks and I know there will be so many readers who will have the same taste of mine]

Though it's not the original but still we fell in love with 
this song..Woh lamhe 

Tere Bin

Maula mere maula

Javeda Zindagi

Tu hi mera sara jahan hain

Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala

Tum hi ho

Meri Ashiqui ab tum hi ho

Can  you guess him now ? He is none other that Mithoon.I wonder how someone can compose this much touchy and heart filling tunes? His most compositions leave a deep watermark in my heart.His compositions have the feeling of intense pure love, pain of separation and an immense sense of feeling loved. Thus my title seemed like "Can you compose for me?"... 

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