Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My New Year's beginning !!

Hope you all had a wonderful start of this new year. I had a really good beginning and evening with my parents.I should rather call it a cultural start.It was marvelous and my city was as usual the TILOTTOMA [the finest] with it's colorful joy and happening events.I went to James Princep Memorial and became a witness of some good cultural programs [I love watching Cultural Programs].I enjoyed most when I watched the PURULIA CHHAU live. As you might have understood while surfing my blog that I am a lover of Dance [any kind of] so I was sooo excited to watch it.I have never seen this folk dance LIVE and watching it live under the bare sky and in front of the lightened Princep Memorial just behind the cold Ganges was too good. I think I have never swallowed the taste of Princep Ghat in this way before though I have gone there before too.

I would love to have this whole year with Dance, Music and Cultural activities as it started with this.Let's see what happens ??

Anyways here are the pictures of the program. I will be posting few only.Hope you like it.

Baba Fakir with Lalongeeti

Princep Memorial

Vidyasagar Setu

How's it ?

Evening at the Ganges

O majhi re !! 

Colors make me happy as always

Pallab Kirtania 

Purulia Chhau

"Karthik" -- The Character

Can you see them twirling

Would love to learn this Dance
Though have been trying it from childhood
Especially the twirls..

Bhramha Vishnu Mahesh consulting Durga
to kill Mahisasur

Ma Durga comes here

And her Lion King

Delightful !!

Party on the river

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