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It must had to be ....DANCE

Question is "If you could study/specialize in any subject in the UK,what would it be,where and why?"

and here goes my Answer..

I love to learn things which I love, so collectively they will need to appear in one big agenda.But if someone is asking me straight to pick the only one subject of my choice which I would love to study then with no hesitation it has to be DANCE and only DANCE... one of my earnest wish [I don't know whether that will happen or not in my lifetime] is to learn all genre of dance styles throughout the world, be it this or that, anything and another wish is to spend my days and nights with learning it and breathing the essence of dance into my soul which is really quite imaginary as it becomes very hard for me sometimes to carry my work and passion together with 100% input. I believe nothing can become perfect without pure dedication and concentration. Anyways I have started getting into reality and all .. Mercy !! I was talking about my wish right? yes nothing costs to dream and imagine.So I do daydream about this a lot will keep sighting on it...

If the place would not have been mentioned, I would definitely pen down the places in India where I do keep wishes to go and study DANCE but as it has been mentioned particularly UK, I must have to tell my wish to learn the ENGLISH BALLET.


When I start taking the name of ENGLISH BALLET , the only dance-drama comes in my mind is the 'SWAN LAKE'...and obviously this dream came just at the point when I was watching my best DANCE movie 'BLACK SWAN'.Many times I thought to write about this movie but could not end up with writing it. You know sometimes few things become too precious to describe through words.This movie is such a masterpiece of DANCE for me [it inspired me so much, and brought me goosebumps at the end] that I could not write about it. But today at last for the sake of this post I am jotting down some words for it.

Why English Ballet and Where ??

As mentioned above that I could only feel the soul of this dance after watching the movie. Swan Lake is a very famous ballet performance and many groups perform it as much as I know.But watching the movie was like seeing a live performance of Swan Lake and more over that it was like feeling the same pain, tension,nightmares, fear of achievement/failure and hard work of one performer before a performance. I thought of everything after the movie- the Ballet footwork, body fitness, gesture, needy expressions and obviously the final stage performance with 100% input where Natalie had to give her best , where she was the hero for that moment and where she was applauded with the final ovation from the audience & her teacher and at last but not the list how far can a performer get into the character? these are what which inspires me always from this movie to learn Ballet, a soft, subtle, a painsome lyrical dance. Right after watching the movie I did Google a lot about the institutions, costume, basics and blah blah. I would love to learn it from THE ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET because it is the oldest as much as I know and would love to live a student life to be a BALLERINA

my best scene where she realizes that she is the best
and totally into the character of BLACK SWAN..
she did it !! 

Finally my answer would be ENGLISH BALLET from THE ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET..

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  1. Swan Lake was ethereal indeed! What grace, what poise, what flexibility! Sheer brilliance!
    Very interesting choice of subject, loved reading the post!
    Best wishes Debarati! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my post and Thank you very much for your nice appreciation

  2. I'm glad this wasn't yet another on management or economics or creative writing... I wish you had told us more about the institution where you want to go and learn ballet. Yes, the website url is there, but more info in the post always helps.
    All the best for the contest.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks for your comment. oh yes !! sorry for that...


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