Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pink is the color of us.... Women

If you are stopping by my post and thinking to ignore it for its PINK title then I must rectify you out and should tell that it is not about any Pink behavior or Pink fascination of girls or women.

Before few weeks or just a month ago I discovered and started doing R&D on GULAABI GANG. I guess many of you already know this and if someone still doesn't have any idea about this GANG like I had no idea before, then this post might bring some knowledge regarding this GANG.

Now if you are starting to rethink about GANGS of WASSEYPUR then I should say again that this GANG is not at all a mafia gang or so called gang. GULAABI GANG might help you to guess that this gang is of women. PINK defines not only a softer and delicate part of woman, but can be the symbol of rebel, revolution and protest..and Sampat Pal Devi has proven it.She founded it to express the action against violent, abusive, dominating behavior on women such as child marriage, dowry, bribes, domestic violence and other unconventional deeds against the rights of women. This gang consists of the female activists who originally belong to Bundelkhand,Uttar Pradesh. They all wear pink sarees and have bamboo sticks with them to beat the abusive men.Thus the gang is named GULAABI GANG.

I didn't know that Sampat Pal Devi appeared in BIG BOSS once as I am not a liker of this show but I just want to put off my hat for her bravery. In a remote village where women get dominated from achieving education and other rights as well, she stood up there and started protesting against the crime just like a HERO and Bollywood is always in love to portray such heroic acts and biographic cinemas. Isn't it? We have seen so many of them last year and this year also we are going to see Mary Kom, M.Subbulaxmi and Sampat Pal Devi too. Who is playing the lead ? Answer is Madhuri Dixit. My favvvvv actress of all time.The movie name is Gulaab Gang where she will be portraying the character of the lead. Though the crew has denied about the fact of getting inspired by the real GULAABI GANG, we understand still.

A message : We need a GULAAB GANG for the so called civilized but yet beastly brutal society to help us and stop the crimes against us. We need to FIGHT ...

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Resource : Wiki, GulaabiGang

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