Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sudden One

For past one week it's raining heavily in Kolkata. Oops !! not raining... it's flooding Kolkata actually.Everyday it is falling so heavily that it is getting kind of hard to walk and travel across... and the special "30 - 45 minutes" traffic which I daily face at the Airport area is so so bad.But today something unusual I felt and was cold enough to loose my hot temper...I faced the 30 mins traffic but I was enjoying rather than panicking ... while sitting idle I grouped these words together and it came something like this

Sitting at the frontier,
I am trying to feel the damp air
gazing at the cloudy sky,
I am escaping there by
Counting the raindrops,
falling over the glass-doors
I am feeling this moment,
with a little excitement...

Sitting at the frontier,
now I can feel the damp air
I am smiling and day dreaming,
with the romantic tracks my player is playing
Why is this traffic causing me no pain ?
May be I am loving this unusual RAIN ♥

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  1. I was reading in newspapers about the rains and was reminded about the heat I experienced during my short vacation there.

    1. Oh yes !! Indrani... this time Kolkata faced heat and rain both at their extreme


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