Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Make us Free.... Make us Independent..We want Freedom again !!

First of all would like to wish everyone Happy Independence Day.Today is 67th Independence Day in our country.Everywhere we are listening patriotic songs and speeches.In each and every corner of India we are hoisting Indian Flag and remembering the sacrifices of Indian Freedom Fighters,their deeds and love for our country.We are going through their dreams of Free India,we are going through their gun shots,their roars of VANDE MATARAM,INQUILAB ZINDABAD and JAI HIND.We are telecasting the good sentimental patriotic cinemas in T.V.We are even watching those.Some of us are shedding tears and feeling goosebumps within us.But these stories are of the AAM Janta or The normal citizens.But what about the Ruling citizens who are daily ruling over us and our emotions.Who I am talking about ?? I am talking about the Government,the several politicians who are daily hitting and breaking our Independence.Today is the day where all the politicians from all the parties of all over the India will utter Jai Hind and will dictate their pre-made speeches about the country and their  party's deeds for over the past years and all.They will salute our flag and will keep so many promises.

But do they really feel what they say ? Do they really keep their promises what they make ?Do they really think of the freedom fighters and their deeds?If they would have felt so,would have they made our INDIA this corrupted ?Did the freedom fighters dream of this Independent India ?? Did they bleed because of this corrupted India ? 

Now the question comes are we Independent?Be it the womankind who are still panicked to get out of home at night,who are scared of being raped,who are still not in their freedom or be it the poor citizens who go and see that their votes have been stolen so far or be it our emotions which are still dependent on the Government's rules and regulations ... Is this the India we look for?


Discussed some heavy heavy words.But today is the Independence Day.I have all the rights to express my views and opinions as a citizen.Please !! I didn't want to bring some serious issues on your mind.Let's make it a bit positive.Let us think of New Independence everyday.Independence to decide our own destiny,independence to fly like a bird with our own wishes and dreams,to overcome with our sorrows and depressions,to bring the positivity around us.Independence to say against evil,stand against crime and corruption.With some good notes wishing you all Happy Independence Day.

To all Shaheeds specially the forgotten heroes, 
You did,you sacrificed that's why we are celebrating this day.RESPECT and JAI HIND .. AMAR RAHEN !!! 

Vande Mataram !! 

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  1. Firstly, happy independence day. Let me quote "young men die and old men talk", I think it best describes the state of our country.Respect to all the Jawans who guard us while we sleep just to keep a promise they made to the motherland. Jai Hind.

    1. Happy Independence Day to you too ... Your quote says so much... Thanks for sharing your view

  2. Happy Independence to you too :)
    You make a nice point on the spirit of individual freedom being lost in jingoism. Yes we have a lot of things going wrong but we still have reasons to cheer. We still have a functional,vibrant democracy and secular society. Relatively, India is still a young state,just 67 years (America had a civil war at roughly the same age), look at other states who were established around the same time. Only China is worth mentioning and its an authoritarian state which denies fundamental rights to its citizens. As for security of women,no govt edict can ensure that, the change in mindset has to come from within the society and women have to take an aggressive stand. Just like freedom fighters took against the British ;)
    I will reiterate, we have huge problems but we are a young nation, a lot of work needs to be done but there is still enough reasons to celebrate. So Happy Independence Day once again :) (came through indiblogger)

    1. Happy Independence Day to you to Danish ,,, I appreciate your thoughts and informations.Thank you dear


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