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First of all Would like to wish Happy 84th Birthday to the immortal maestro of Music World.

Okay I am giving a small task to all of you.You have 2 mins to think and remember anyone who doesn't love  Kishore Kumar songs.Your time starts now...
Time is Up !!! 
Got any one ?? No na ?? I knew it..There are no one who doesn't like or love his songs.From Gen X to Gen Z everyone.I think even a heartless boring person will also nodd his/her head and close his/her eyes to his songs.

He is the one who can make us cry,make us laugh out loud and even can force us to dance and fall in love.This multifaceted  person had some magic and miracle in him and his voice.He could do every possible craziest thing be it giving proxy to Lata ji's voice by singing a song in female avatar or to dress like a female and dance some thumkas and natkhat adas.

Aankh Seedhi Lagi ♫

Be it the black and white comedy movies to colored comedy of PADOSAN with the falling panras from his left mouth and calling "Bholey Bholey" and singing "Meri Pyaari Bindu ♫" with a typical Bangali Babu Avatar, or from singing some dhamakedar comedy songs to singing some sad and heart touching songs, he was marvelous.

He proved that along with singing some dhinka chika hindi songs, He was a true Bengali who could sing Rabindra Sangeet too with the same intensity and feel which touched millions of Bengali hearts. "Mayabono Biharini ♫" from Lukochuri and "Ami chini go chini go ♫" from Charulata are still listened and adored by us,the Bengalis.

Now let me share some of my own story of the time when I first realized him and understood him.
My regular readers know well about my passion for music and specially Bollywood.Even I mentioned about my parents too who are also a Music and Bollywood lover.Since childhood I have been in touch with hindi movies and their songs well through my parental influence.So when I got some minimum sense of music,I could hear every time while my parents used to praise and discuss about this legend while watching Chitrahaar or any movies.I used to know only one thing that he could only do "doodleiii doo uhu uhu ooooo " tone and it was his USP.But I used to get confused everytime when I used to see Rajesh khanna  doing "doodleiii doo uhu uhu ooooo " in "Meri sapno ki rani kab ayegi tu ♫" which later I realized as a part of dubbing and acting LOL. Later time to time I got introduced with his HMV cassettes which my mother used to buy and listen.Hmm that is continuing.

Even today also at morning my mother was recollecting her memory when for the last time she saw her live performance in Hope 87' at Calcutta Netaji Indore Stadium where he wore a Safron colored Sanyasi Dress and sung "Khaike Pan Banraswala ♫" and forced every audience to sing along with him.She was also saying that she couldn't attend Hope 86 which my Papa and other relatives could attend as my elder sister was very small. After few months of the 87's show,He left us and this world.

I would like to list some of my favorite favorite songs here which I listen very often.

 1. This song is very very close to my heart and I close my eyes every time when I listen.

Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi ♫

2. I laugh out loud like HA HA HA HO HO HO

   Singh nei tobu naam tar singho ♫

3. I feel to fall in LOVE

Dil Kya Karen ♫
4. I feel betrayed 

Mere Mehboob ♫

5. I feel classic

Ami chini go chini go ♫

6. I feel the rain

Rim jhim gire sawaan ♫

7. I feel to be myself

Ane wala Pal ♫

8. I feel sensuous [everyone does so while listening this song LOL]

Roop tera mastana ♫
9. I feel groovy 

Meri Pyari Bindu ♫

10. I feel to dedicate

Tere Bina Zindagi se ♫

Huh !! I am getting tired of listing his songs.There are so many songs which I love and everyone does so.But these 10 songs  define my 10 various moods.Hope I could help you by listing them here.

There are no words left for me to describe him . All I can request to you all is that to listen his songs for the rest of the day and pay a TRIBUTE like I am doing.


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