Saturday, 10 August 2013

My C-H-E-N-N-A-I Express

"Ticket kharidke baith ja seat pe,nikal na jaye phir yeh Chennai Express !!! "


thinking of this line,with full of hurry and excitement at last I watched it.Was watching the promos enough and liking the songs too in my way,but I was damn sure that I wouldn't watch this movie (for time mismatches with co-watchers and busy schedule of weekend).But the excitement triggered in me just because of my dearest friend Arunima who poured some more interest before two days to watch this movie today.Usually I get excited very shortly and go gaga over something which I like and love (ha ha ha) and I decided that by hook or crook I must watch this movie.Alas !! The U-turn happened when Arunima had to cancel her plan for some important and personal reasons, and I felt like falling leaves.Hope you all understand when you expect much and get nothing, it feels bad.Then Mr. S.P Balasubramanium reminded me that I should not miss the CHENNAI EXPRESS to get a passenger seat in it. LOL

and there I got the single birth to watch and enjoy Chennai Express. Arunima don't kill me.My regular followers know how much Chennai and Tamil,both are connected to me..I still get adrenaline rush when I hear Tamil syllables and words and even today also I was getting so excited while following the Tamil dialogues in this movie.Sometimes it was quite embarrassing for me to laugh alone as I guess none out of there knew Tamil and could understand the jokes.As a result I got so many faces turning towards me. LOL.( Oops !! saying so much about me).In short I can say I went to Chennai again after One and half years in this short span of time with Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express.

Let's come to the review... 

Let me confess first that I am a true true SRK fan but yes not the blind one.His last movie couldn't fulfill my expectation and failed me to express some good things about that movie.But this time, I must say that he made me laugh much.It's a request to not go to theater with lots of emotions and moods to expect that you are going to watch an intellectual and sensible movie.It is a typical Masala movie with no good story .Please keep the expectations at home and go with a chirpy mood to have dhinka chika masti and to get rid off the stress you carry with you and if you are an (against SRK) type fan then Please don't go and don't comment during the movie time.It irritates the other audience.A bright vibrant colorful movie with color in its every frame made me feel good as I love colors.The story is really funny and humorous with no sense in it.Especially the dialogues and funny scenes were good.Though I felt,that the Tamil rowdies were being painted with more black colors which was quite unreal.Maximum dialogues were being delivered in Tamil with no subtitles which was a little hard for non South Indians.But I guess Rohit Shetty played the trick by keeping a living subtitle i.e. Deepika Padukone as Meena Lochani. I love Deepika Padukone for her style and beauty and the way she has improved her acting skills.As Meena Lochani she was fabulous.Her "BOKWAS" Hindi and the Tamil translations were awesome.I must agree she has that X-factor in her look to suit in every character of every types and the other co actors too made this movie full entertaining.The climax was very much melodramatic which I didn't like much and the usual Shetty style fight sequences were also unreal.Apart from this I must say that Shah Rukh Khan will never be old.He was a lover boy and he is still.He can still melt a girl's mind with his simple and dimple smiles and his romantic waves and I must say SRK taught Tamil to all of us with his tooti footi cute Tamil accent.

Oh ho !! I wrote so much to express that I enjoyed Chennai Express ♥♥♥♥

Special Note : All Salman Khan lovers I do not understand why do you people hate him so much and start comparing Shah Rukh with Salman? Sorry !! but one request again if you don't like SRK then please don't do a favor by watching this film. Though this is hard because every time I get to see some SRK haters who go and watch the movie to comment and to judge it ultimately. Where's the sense in it ?? There are critics to judge the movie ... Please we don't need your reviews

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  1. Chennai Express is probably Rohit Shetty's best movie. I hate to say this but- Deepika has acted better than Shah Rukh. Must watch masala-action comedy.

    1. You are absolutely right Rahul ... Deepika was better than SRK for sure... She created some different attraction with her lingual sounds


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