Sunday, 1 September 2013

Aren't you CORRUPTED ???

Corruption... A heavy and hot topic for writing essays and playing debates.News,Media and other social mediums are always busy to highlight about the corruptions and the effects of corruptions.Ask any one "What do you want to say about the corruption running in India ?" will be able to hear so many words and lectures against Corruption.More over that we always blame the ministers,the politicians.

Now a question from me.... 

Keep your hands over your mind and ask yourself "Am I not Corrupted ??"... 95% of us will answer " Yes ".. Or may be we can skip that too due to our superficial nature to hide the truth.

The world has changed but the myths are not.The myths and proverbs still say Honesty is the great virtue.But how many of us follow it ?? How many of us do keep our mind clear and how many of us do keep our ethics in mind ?? Very few.Parents and teachers still teach their children and students to be honest,to not lie and to not cheat on someone.But while at their workplace or anywhere, if time and opportunity permit,they never step back to hug the corruption.

Why ?? Because we all are more and more selfish.We always want something extra.We want to cheat our work,our duties,our ethics,our values,our authorities and at last we cheat us.We are selling our basic human values to the hands of corruption.

Say for an example, Don't we try to adjust our attendance records at our office,or colleges ? Don't we offer bribe to get rid off some problems ?? Don't we allow a Government officer to take some thing extra to get something beneficial ??Aren't we part of Corruption ??

Okay !! Let's ask someone who does this regularly with a Naked Shame and regrets nothing for this.You will hear an answer like this.."if they are doing, then why not me ?? What's there to act and behave like a good person ? What is so beneficial in there ? better to be bad and get something extra..."..

This line is not of a single person.It is of thousands may be millions.We are greedy and we are becoming money minded.We love us and only us that's why we do play trick at office to give a tight mental slap to others or to beat the others.We killed the innocent,honest people who once tried to raise their voice up with their honest intention and will to stand against this corruption of society.We still play trick to let the GOOD men down and we love to invite them in our dirty world.We are much competitive,we are lazy to achieve our goal in straight way,we love bypasses.We sell our emotions and we sell our self respects.We are still shameless.We stand with a bare black face and dirty nasty hands and pretend to be happy.We are humans.We are the part of this CORRUPTED space.

But still we will say,India is corrupted,nothing can be done with this country.

Funny na ??? It is like.. khud iss bhid ka hissa hain and khudi ko takleef hain...

In Bengali there is proverb...

"Annay je kore ebong Annay je shohe
Dujonei soman Oporadhi"

which means.. those who does the wrong and who allows and tolerates the wrong are both equally punishable..

I feel good and proud that I still remember and follow these lines taught by my mother..

Feel pity for those mentally ill people who support this with a 0% shame and hate them literally who have forgotten these values completely...

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  1. A very good question indeed, Can I chose not to answer because telling the truth is often the hardest thing to do.

    The only reason the menace is so prevalent and wide spread is because of the little part we all play in it.

    Pages off Life

    1. Yes ... it is hard.... Even for me too though I am the narrator of this harsh truth


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