Thursday, 8 August 2013

Diary of an unusual Teen

It's half past 6 at morning.My eyes have opened themselves with a lagging mood.I am hardly able to see anything.My senses are not in their place properly right now.But I have to get up and stand with my senses and action. (sigh) No one is going to ask me why am I feeling so tired and lethargic ? No one is going to ask me what are these red and black dusky spots on my face and hands for ? 

(long Sigh again )

I know that and I don't expect that too.But these are paining now.I can't even touch them. (Aaah .. yelling).No doubt yesterday my father drunk so much.But how could I see him beating my mother in a beastly manner.I had to protect my mother.Already she has her half face burnt which was a tragic incident few years ago. (chuckles) Except her I don't feel anybody as my own.So I protected her and as a reward got beaten up badly.

( Enough of thoughts )

Careless with this thought I have to get up now.So many works are there at home and outside too.Though this time many of my age mates are busy getting ready for school which can never be possible for me again. (mournful) I still love to open and read those books which were given to me by my school when I used to study.They used to give me good meals too.I can't have them now.I want to study but...this would not be justified if I leave my work for studies.

( long pause )

For past few days I have been going to my workplace(may be places).Rather I replaced my mother's job and working there to earn the bread of my family.My mother is sick and can't afford her health into this work.I work as maid for several houses.Some madams are very harsh to me and treats me like an ignorant.But some madams are very kind hearted. When for the first time I went as 'just a daughter of the maid' Shikha aunty gave me one nice dress of her daughter.Her daughter doesn't like to wear it so she gave me.The dress was so pretty.I have kept them safely.In some proper occasion I do wear them (Smiles with joy).

( Small pause )

I go to my workplaces by bus.The buses are heavily loaded with people.I have heard this is the 'office time' and specially at Central Jail stoppage the rush becomes more.I hardly have learnt to ride on bus and stand in a perfect style without disturbing others.Else everyone scolds at me saying that "Don't you know How to travel in bus?Just stand in a side.Don't block the main gate."I am not that tall and my hands do not reach the handles.I try to get support by holding the window rods.Anyways I love going by bus.I see so many gorgeous working ladies.They dress so good and smell so good.They use something for it,some sprays with good scent.Some madams look at me in a very rude manner.I feel bad.But it's not their fault.They are the uppers of the society.I don't feel bad for that.But I feel very scared of one thing.When I see some vulturous eyes staring at me I feel scared.They look at me and my cloths such that I haven't wore anything.I feel unsafe.They try to touch my hands and molest me.I feel like crying.But within few days I have also learnt how to deal with them and how to fight with them.Even I don't take my steps backward from hitting themselves back.I do it with silence like they do.

( Sigh with confidence )

It's true that I am sacrificing my dreams, my joy and I am sad for that too.But I am happier because I am an independent teen and I am sure that one day I am going to fulfill my dreams too with my own savings and ambition.I will not let my dreams go anyway.My story may be unusual but I am a FIGHTER and will fight for my own destiny.

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