Thursday, 1 August 2013

I too had a love story

" I too had a love story "... No it's not about sharing my love story over here.May be most of you have guessed it right too.This title is not so new to think of once.This is already famous among the readers (The REAL readers and book lovers which I am surely not) .Yes I stated before too, I am not a good reader.I love to read short stories or short posts but I am not at all a Novel freak or book warm and I mean it .You can call it as an Honest Confession.

But the collision happened with me and my particular thought when I started reading "I Too Had A Love Story" by Ravinder Singh and I finished it within 3 days.Today I finished it.I read it like an iron rod sticking with the high power magnet.

The readers who have already read it may know why am I here to share my experience..

If you have ever loved someone then you can feel it or if you haven't fallen in love with someone then you can know what LOVE is or what happens and how does it feel like when you are in love.

It is the author's own love story which surely had the unexpected end [not disclosing for those who haven't read till]

From page no 187's first line to last line of the book I read all with a blurry vision as my eyes were full of tears.I could not control myself from weeping.I was feeling so helpless and mournful that I could not take rest today afternoon [I am sick so was on holiday to take rest].Even now also I am not able to come out of the total incident which happened to Mr.Ravinder Singh.

Those who haven't read it, I would like to request you to read it.

Some emotions which shook me from inside are trying to come up like this.

Every lines I could read,
were poking me
from inside to bleed ...
They sounded real,
and true to be true
which I could intensely feel ...

I learnt again to be in Love,
with the pages and lines turning around
found myself in the romantic puff ...
and roaming in the garden of Love 

The same aura 
mesmerized me and recreated an illusion,
to be in emotion ...
It was shaking my heart,
bringing back the memories to hurt...

All the love stories
do not end well,
What we wish and expect
sometimes don't happen in real..
I wish to God to not curse 
anyone to have this pain,
of losing love and heart
and to make them insane..

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  1. This book is awesome.... I really wished Khushi would ve survived :((( They wud be together forever.....!!!!!!! Heart touching story.. I could not take my eyes off this book unless i completed the entire book.. But, really did not wish for such a sorrowful climax;(((((

    1. Yes as I mentioned I cried cried and cried for her,the budding flower-some Khushi


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