Thursday, 22 August 2013

That's her CHARACTER

What is Character ?? For me Character defines you and your personality.Many people we meet,many people we know.Everyone holds a different persona.Few we like and few we dislike.But this is true that No one can be perfect ever.Everyone knows this and we too keep on moving and living with these different personalities and characters.But still few characters imprints and attracts towards them either in humorous way or inspirational way or some good and bad ways.

Here I am going to describe one of the character who I daily meet with.

Names are fictional but characters are not..

Can you hear her smiling ?
may be laughing ?
There she is standing 
The chirpy,talkative & lively girl
has her head to swirl
with the excitement and giggle
Her eyes sparkle ,
with her innocent demand-less smile
Oh !! there she is standing
thinking and thinking...
she seems to be lost in her world
making the present blurred..

She is dominating
to prove the valid point
making faces and hating 
puppets of lies...
She is violent enough
to pretend herself right
from the mysterious world
which is not bright
thus she changes her mind
and stands there at right !! 

There she is watching
the lovely cute kids,
playing at the footpaths
with intense glimpse..
There she is standing 
beside the road
adoring and loving
a kitten and a puppy both !!

There she is jumping
like a loony
yelling with fun and
grooving like crazy !!
Moving here and there
with her disco moves
rolling inside few hula hoops !!

There she is sitting
near the window
silent with her moods
remembering her fellow
There she is alone
with her thoughts
opening all the knots

There she is 
my narrated character
that's all I have 
to flatter
Didn't get much words again
to take her out from a shell
Hope you could understand it well

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  1. There is a shade of this character in every girl! Beautiful poem Debarati :)


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