Thursday, 15 August 2013

Where is SIMPLICITY ???

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Hope you are aware of this pro-verb.But please tell me the meaning of it ? Does it mean to dress up simple or to keep your mind simple ??

And please tell me,who gives the proper value of a simple 'Sada mata' human being ?? Today the world has crossed the threshold of all manners.People like everything unreal,there is no value for the true,rooted,sacha honest insaan... !! Few people also claim to be very simple by their get up and their outlook but if you can dig their heart and get into it,you can not find any kind of simplicity.

Simple people are always ignored and kept aside..

Innocence has lost it's ways to survive,People are busy at faking their smiles and showing off their money ans status.Simple life style has no value and meaning to the so called "Bhodro cultured society"...

Haye re haye
E ami kemon duniyaye ??
jekhane manush hashe nokol,
bole kichu dhar kora kotha
ebong dekhanor ichha probol,
noile naki kata jabe tader matha ....

Sadamata hashi pare na 
tara hashte,
poishar gorom,ar tahader class
dekhaye namte namte...

Gunire kore na somman
jodi shey hoye otibo sadharon,
korte bhole na opoman
shei choritroban  byaktigon !!

Ore gadha !! 
toder boli ki hethaye !!
bhulis na tor chilo na kichui
jokhon tui esechilis ei duniyaye
tui jabio ekdin eka
tobe hos keno eto neka ??
Keno re tora 
bachte paris na sadharon ekti jibon ??
Eto dekhiye hobei ba ki ??
pabi ki kono "Manik dhon" ??

Sorry for writing this poem in Bengali...Actually your emotional outcome can be best expressed in your mother tongue... So for me too happened like this .. and another small message !! Please stop claiming to be simple,if you don't have a good and kind innocent heart..Having a simple and honest soul with no choose and pick habits are the real GOLDEN hearts.... 

P.S I have learnt a very good lesson from "Choti Si Baat" a movie of Basu Chatterjee. A must watch for all who are the so called "SADAMATA / BHOLABHALA " insaan !! Sometimes it's good to make the ugly people realize that who you are and what you can do .... Else this strange world with some strange people will never recognize the original "MANICKDHON"...

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