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She was Se Ri[na] OUS

When I received this topic in mail, I remembered only one of my incident happened during my K.G hood. I don't know why did I remember only this incident, as in this much of life I have met so many zarrorat se zyaada serious people. Anyways when my memory knocked me to think about that small and funny incident, I could not help myself from ignoring the other jerk's story. So the story goes like this.

The story revolves around the time of 1995 and I was a class II student. The school I used to go to was a Kinder Garden school and probably my best institution till date. In school I used to get pampered always by the teachers especially Headmistress [my boro miss whom I still meet and feel loved with ] and other staffs as well because of my calm and silent nature [I wonder how did I get Good Conduct, Best student blah blah blah awards then, I might have changed so much now] except only one teacher.Her name was Rina Madam. We used to call her as Rina Miss. She was Maths teacher.Her appearance was serious itself. She was tall and lean, used to have a slight puff at the front of her hair accompanied with two side locks like Jaya Bhaduri and a long thick braid. She used to always wear white and light colored saree though she was young lady and used to have always black bindi on her forehead. She used to be very strict to all of us. We used to tremble badly if she used to enter the class. 

As said earlier I was the less talkative and very obedient girl in school, I never did any odd behaviors in school. But I was just the opposite while in home, but was not talkative though. I used to eat everyone's brain with my odd deeds with no words spoken out of mouth which implies I was silent only. Anyways getting back to the point, I remember it was a normal school day and Rina Miss was taking Maths class at first half [before recess period]. I had a very bad [yet good and funny for me] habit of bidding good bye to PAPA with a special tune of mine. The tune distribution was like ♫ Ta [low] Ta[high] Pa [again low]Paaaaa [Very high] .I don't know what happened on that day, I forgot that I was in school, while asking permission to come inside the class from kid's restroom outside, I repeated the tune and made the line like ♫May [medium] I [low] C-o-o-o-m-e [very low] i-i-i-i-n [medium] Mis-s-s-s [very high]♫ with closed and pleasant eyes and grooving body. I didn't know the term opera else I could have called it my own opera. LOL... But the after effect was not good at all. My so serious teacher called me up and I woke up from my dreams and went inside. She scolded me harshly "You are singing? inside the class ? Is it the manner you are learning and blah blah blah? " I was stunned and started to weep silently. Then she sent me out of the class and put me with Kneeldown for the rest of the period. 

I may laugh at the situation now but that day I cried and cried as it was the so called first punishment of my life in school and the reason was the tune I used while asking permission to enter the class. It was harsh and very insensitive. Because if I would have been in the place as a teacher and if my student would have done such a behavior, I would never scold rather I would have adored the kid for the innocence.

So serious right ?? so that was my story of meeting a so serious MAM

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