Sunday, 9 February 2014

Love is what we need !!

Cross cultural marriage, Cross religion marriage, Cross state marriage do not make sense if the bond of two souls are strong enough. 

I am very ^ infinity happy today when I saw a picture of my old roomie getting married to her beloved. No I will not take name. In India often we are scared or bound to forget the commitment if the two belong to two different community and culture, especially religion. isn't it ? But I am happy to see my old North Indian Rajput roomie to become the Malayalam Christian White gowned beautiful pretty bride. 

I saw her spending her stressful nights day by day. Even she came to Dakshineswar Kali Temple to tie the Mannat for this with me. But all her wishes, tension, fear have become to the bed of roses today. I am so so glad that I could not stop myself from penning down this here. 

Love has no barrier if the bond is the strongest one. 

May God Bless You loads and Happy Married life ahead di ☺

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