Monday, 10 February 2014

R.I.P baby Brown Puppy

I daily see them and cuddle them and play with them on the was to my office, rather I should say I used to till today evening. They were three cute tiny stray puppies accompanied with their innocent eyed, feared, alert caring mother doggy. But today while coming back from office something happened which left me unspoken for a few seconds and then brought tears... One of the three was killed by a car and it was lying down on the street as dead. But unaware of the fact that her baby has died, the mother doggy was still trying to compensate the pain of the puppy by licking the wound of its head.It was silent and still.. I was stunned and still heartbroken.. Want to ask only.. Can't you drive safe and save a mute creature ?? What was the hurry..
I am sad to loose my baby and attraction of evening. R.I.P brown baby !! May your other siblings get their life safe

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