Sunday, 16 February 2014

Midnight in Paris ... a WOW watch

I wish I could live the life Gil Pender was living. The best time traveler movie I could ever watch was this. The story seemed so interesting. A writer is always keen to think something, write something with his/her imagination and vision obviously. Gil Pender was a writer and was working on his novel, but was accompanied with a poor thinker fiancee Inez who had hardly any sense to feel Gil's thoughts and emotions. Poor Gil too, the silent guy always used to listen to his fiancee and would be in laws.But then the miracle happened, Thank God he came up on that day to walk and it continued for all the other days too. A old 1920's car [the time machine I should say] came and took him to directly 1920's where he could meet all his idols and especially Adriana. Huh !! everything in the movie was about nostalgia and writing, walking along the lonely calm streets and to talk with the inner soul, and to explore the old. Co incidentally these all are even my likes too chiefly French !! 

Hmm I would appreciate everything to feel from this movie except the tedious, gibberish partner to always criticize my thought !! Ewwww !! 

Enjoyed the movie... If you still haven't watched it, then start playing it now.

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