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Pain, Relief, Happiness and Soulfulness ... = Highway

The time the trailer came out, I decided to watch this movie alone.Sometimes loneliness is needed to feel something in deep. Anyhow I managed an aloof seat with no one at the both sides and watched it with only me. Highway was high on my mind since it came up with its first trailer. I thought and expected that I would find myself in this movie. Imtiaz Ali didn't disappoint my hopes at all. There was a dialogue in this movie "Jaise main hoon hi nahin yahanpe, jaise koi film chal rahi ho aur main bass dekh rahi hoon" and I should narrate that as "jaise main hoon yahan pe, jaise koi film nahin chal rahi ho aur mani samne se dekh rahi hu".It was that level of satisfaction while watching it.

The movie was about getting lost in your own world of infinite hopes, finding your innerself & just feeling each and every second of it.Nature is incredible, God has poured different colors on its every corner. While moving over a highway, you just see the nature changing its shades from one to another.Shades of the people, the locals, the culture and color of its beauty.What can you do ultimately to feel like flying? You can open up your arms and touch the air, kiss the raindrops, hug the dust and sands of road, play on grass field, touch the flower grains and all you can do is to loose yourself & surrender to the womb of limitless mother-nature. Imtiaz Ali captured each and every small interactions which one can have with nature. Fortunately or unfortunately, I feel the same always. I could see my own reflection few times with few instincts. I may sound crazy, but it is real to find me doing such odds while travelling. Sleeping on the sand, watching the night sky, running like a mad, jumping in tree, touching the water, shouting and laughing out loud.These were mine.I saw myself. Oh !! God... for the sake of this movie I reached my dream destination Rajasthan again, touched the water of mountains in Himachal, played with snow. But the unmatched part was, I could never been to such odd places for loooonggg... I always wanted to visit some odd, lonely unrecognized places & to stay over there with no do's and don'ts alone. I don't know whether this will happen in my lifetime or not, but Imtiaz Ali fulfilled my wish a bit. I could live my desired life of a bird for 2 hrs:12 mins. Ahhh !! my words won't be less to express & I will continue writing my blah blah and blahs ... So putting a full stop here and skipping other parts of the movie.

'Highway' is a story of a confined bird living in a cage of false prestige & unreal world for long, with full of dreams & fantasy to fly.Fortunately this bird 'Veera' flies off as the door of her cage gets opened up forever by another vagabond 'Parinda' Mahabir. Mahabir is a criminal for society. murderer for all but an angel for Veera. Veera whose childhood is bounded with some dark truth of abusement finds a way to freedom, holding the hand of Mahabir whereas a rough, raw Mahabir whose childhood holds the proof & sentiment of betrayal from society finds his lost & beloved mother within Veera. The movie was again about a beautiful, simple emotional lovestory where these two fall in empathetically. They build their fantasy world & forget the rest. But when one of the two is being snatched away from the other, everything seems broken and lost. So the movie was over all about escaping away in search for your inner soul, having a beautiful long affair with nature, pain, tears, happiness & soulfulness and yes a war between real & unreal.

Let's come to the highway team

1. Who is Alia Bhatt? I thought she was Veera. The simple, cute, bubbly Veera was adorable.

2. Rugged Mahabir (Randeep Hooda) again made me to fall for him. He was  - Handsome, earthy and metallic.

3. Rahman Sir, who are you? Are you an angel of God to carry his message via your music? you made me to breath in with air of wonderful scenarios.

4.Hats off !! the creator .. That's enough to pay respect for you. Imtiaz Sir, you mised up all my emotions to feel for the movie.

My favorite Scenes 

1. Veera lying on her back over the dunes, raindrops are falling on her, Peacocks are sounding from far, and she is asking herself "How am I ? "

2. Veera's various interaction with her own mirage while being alone & to hear the sounds of earth to fly.

3. Veera sitting on a rock at the middle of the mountain river, smiling like crazy and staring, hearing the sounds of forcible water flow.

4.Motherly Veera to absorb Mahabir with care and love to lessen his pain

5. Veera cries out loud remembering Mahabir at the end.

6. And the final scene of hope to recreate the childhood of both Veera & Mahabir with happiness and togetherness.

--- Thanks for keeping patience to read my nonsense bunch of words & sentences of scribbles. Lastly would love to give Highway 10/10 for my satisfaction.

Highway is still high on my mind. If you haven't watched then please do watch it.

P.S : Mercy for any typos mistake 

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