Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Lunchbox

Little late I am but yes I watched it finally today.When the trailer used to air on TV,I was sure that this movie would please my mind and trigger my sense of simplicity and innocence.And yes it did not disappoint me at all.

I have never been to Mumbai in my lifetime but today I guess I felt a small part of living life in Mumbai.Yes and that part is of some simple people ,their living style,their small happiness and few innocent expectations. Ritesh Batra,I must thank you for producing such kind of film where the background scores were the casual noises and sounds of Road,Office,Bus,Traffic and Train ... where you recreated the magic of 90's taste of lifestyle though it was about today only... Where the office depicted the Old,Lazy Government Daftar with no computers at all...The tape and cassettes instead of CDs and MP3s were so nostalgic to listen... The roaming fans instead of AC and the emotions attached with the ceiling fan...Each and every frame was just worth watching and noticing. Ritesh Batra kept me behind so far and for a single moment I did not feel that I was watching a movie of 2013.

From the beginning,where the trains were meeting each other at junction,the Dabbawalas (the main part of the film)and their chorus in train while their duty, the busy normal not so lavish lifestyle of the working people,the inside train scenarios,the rush,the crowded bus stands,the hanging passengers inside the vehicles,sparing the lunch time with two bananas by some people were true to be swallowed. These scenes were like," hey it happens really ".. Few were tear-pulling too.

Now let's come to the characters.Only few were there.The main protagonists were Saajan (Irrfan Khan) ,Ila (Nimrat Kaur) and the LUNCHBOX. and there were few more characters too.Aunty's voice,Shaikh (Nawazuddin) and etc etc.

Each and everyone just fulfilled the movie.Nimrat was unexpected as we have never seen her before to do such a strong character. Irrfan and Nawazuddin were brilliant as always and the lunchbox covered with green attire was the center of attraction and main source of communication between town lonely,love seeking simple people for whom their old memories,emotions and few little instants were most important.At one side there was an aged widower man who was about to retire and used to live with all his wife's likes and dislikes and on another side there was a lonely love seeking homely housewife who would love to get attention and appraisal from her husband by cooking his favorite dishes [though she was failed to get the attention] and a perfect mother cum daughter who loved to spare time with spices and recipes along with the helping aunt.

An usual housewife does so right.. ? they play some music and do all their home works silently.Even if they get to know also that their husbands are not interested in them,they keep quite and accept the truth.They may shed few drops of tears but do not even utter a word [ the committed oldie homemakers, No I am not talking about the egoists]. And there again an about to be retired man whose life doesn't have any expectations and anyone to take care of him lives his life with silence,suppresses all his thoughts and emotions as no one is there to listen his mind.But what happens when these two people find themselves a friend who they can talk to or share their sudden thoughts casually. and if that is non verbally through letters,then that becomes more touchy.It feels really good to see some real handwriting and to feel the ambiance when the writer actually wrote all words with pen and paper.The actual I mean to say.hmm !! the pleasant faces of Saajan,Ila and their attraction towards the lunchbox(the communicator) were really calm and to be felt. Started loving "♫ Mera dil bhi kitna pagal hain ♫" again.Earlier while listening I used to see Sanjay and Madhuri in my imagination but now [even now also I am listening to it] I am able to see Irrfan and Nimrat smiling at their letter cheats.

Oh ! I wrote so much!! what to do !! this movie took me away !! to far far and very far to some old living culture which I am very much fond of !! 

Thanks Ritesh Again !! But sorry for the Oscar incident.. you won so many hearts though !!

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