Monday, 30 September 2013

Tickles of Joy

The title has been on my mind for last one week may be..or more than that.Everyday I feel to write about this but fail to do so.But today at last arranged a bit time and here I am to write it.

Huh !! only 10 days are left to welcome the goddess. Yay ... and the excitement is really tickling my stomach and lot of butterflies are flying here and there inside.Oops !!  I made a mistake.Not 10 days,Just 7 days I should say :) because it's 2013. We, the excited festival lover Bengalis have pulled the dates up so before and extended the festival to enjoy more more and more.

Things which amuse me and excite me like a MAD :

1) The bright sunshine,hide and seek game of floating cottony clouds and the blue sky of SorotKaal.
2) The ads,banners and hoardings of Sarodia Utsav.
3) The fashion and shopping ads all over the city,newspapers and magazines.
4) Kash Phool.
5) Half made Ma Durga Idols.
6) The making of pandals.
7)Lights and other preparations ...
8) The talks and conversations among ladies regarding Shopping ... 

Ahh !! Like every other Bengali I am also feeling the same.Hope everyone has completed their shopping and hopping.Everyone is prepared enough to welcome Ma...

I am so excited .. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy .... eeeeeeeeeeeee.... :D :D :D :D 

( ^_^ )

But please no rain should be coming with Ma...

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