Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Journey with Strangers Part VII

First of all would like to wish everyone Happy Durga Puja and warm wishes for Sharadia.Today was Panchami. With a happy mood and doom gloomy day I started my journey towards office. But something unusual happened which broke me down and may be for that my heart started beating fast.

I was travelling by train and it's very common to have a ransacked rush in train during puja days and more over that picking your pocket can be very common which is really dangerous and scary.

And today something related to this, was witnessed by me... They were two.Two ladies, I should call them ladies-some girls.Early married,poor,needy by looks two young women who were busy in their job i.e pick pocketing... Few women caught them right there... Everyone was shouting at them,scolding them... and throwing off coarse slang towards them.They were quite.. Yes they were guilty... 

But suddenly everyone insisted each other to beat them ... may be to kill them in anger...and two women initiated to slap them and pull their hair in a haphazard manner.Then everyone started to beat them badly.I could see them crying helplessly and begging for their lives... It was pathetic... Few of us including me raised voice against the beating up manner.But the public got furious at us and ignored our words and kept on beating them..

They were poor,they were the culprits,they were the "thieves" by profession.. but is it the proper manner to give punishment ?? Do we have the right always to beat suddenly .. sometimes we public are so much judgmental and take the rules and regulations by ourself.... Isn't it ??

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