Thursday, 17 October 2013

Aftermath .... PUJA

I know I am quite late to mingle up with your mind but there is no time for expressing your feelings right ?? I am trying to pen about the feelings which we usually suffer after Puja.

This is the most mournful period for all Kolkatans and Bengalis [staying outside]when you get up at morning and realize that it's Ekadoshi... i.e the festival is over.You get up and then you think that Oh My God !! I must get back to my work again from today !! Then you go out for your normal routine and then what do you see ??

A Lazy Kolkata is not so overwhelmed in welcoming the morning and the whole day.A very calm and lethargic city looks at you in a very gloomy way.The city feels so sad to open up all it's lavish garments [Lights, Sound-boxes, Loud micro-phonic speakers].You see the roads  full of footprints holding the memories of joy that every single Kolkata bashi has done.The scattered lift-lets, used food plates, ice cream wrappers play all around. A very silent, mournful Kolkata lives in its own way.The bamboo series stay at their place with an empty queue and few knots of multicolored cloths in between them.The pandals look very scary without skin and flesh on them and thus Kolkata keeps herself timid and dumb.The rush less roads,transports are carrying some sleepy people who look very tired and dull for their past enjoyment and few night outs, but unlike the city pandals Bongobashis are covered up with recently used new dresses to console their inner souls that yes yes !! it's the festive season only...Why to be sad ??... there are still three festivals left to have fun.

I could have written more but the saddest part is that I am getting no more words and sentences ... So had to stop right here... Pardon please !! 

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