Sunday, 13 October 2013

Again One year of waiting .. Subho Bijoya Doshomi

Subho Bijoya Doshomi to all my readers and friends.Huh !! these days went so fast isn't it ?? One year of waiting,few months of expectations to do this and that,preparations and joy has come to its end.
My puja was in mixed manner.Yes overall it was good and had lots of fun with family,friends and relatives which was more than anything.I started my puja from Ponchomi and yes today it's going to finish finally.So How was yours ??

The tickles of joy are not coming anymore which is pretty sad but we have high consolation to think about Laxmi puja,Kali puja,Diwali and Bhaiphota which are still in the queue. LOL ... We Bengalis are pretty festival freaks that we can enjoy and bring festivals anytime whether we have or not.So be happy dears..

These few days were the most awaited days for everyone. The city was wearing the garments of bright lights .... The music of Shanai and sounds of announcing microphones were roaming everywhere...The beats of dhak were knocking sometimes from near and sometimes from there so far...(getting up at morning with the sounds of dhak was more amazing... ) Smiles and bright happy eyes on every face... Unlimited night outs with no worries... unlimited eating junk foods out at every pandals ... laughs and giggles of everyone... sounds of Bhepu during standing in the queue... watching everyone with their new dresses and carrying a big smile was just so pleasant.... Fathers carrying their kids to show Thakur.... Family outings with oldest family members and so many scenarios were worth watching and observing... In short, happiness were everywhere...

Here are some few pictures of my puja..

My Childhood

My Childhood
with my didibhai and cute dadas..

Asthtami Anjali time

Busy in Pushpanjali 


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  1. Subho Bijoya Dashami to you and your Family and Wait till next year begins.. :)

  2. Well, since you asked, here's my experience!

    1. yes !! I read your post.. different though :)


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