Friday, 25 October 2013

Grave of the Fireflies

Probably this time I have shed my tears most after watching a movie called The Grave of the Fireflies. I love cartoons and animations so much and I do watch them too.But an animation movie could be so traumatic and emotional I didn't know before watching this movie.I do expose my teardrops if the movie is sensitive but that is a few...very few...may be my eyes just start getting wet.But this time they crossed their limit and fell continuously even after the movie ended. You will believe or not even now also my eyes are wet [I am re-watching the scenes and re-hearing the background scores].You may feel that "this girl is overreacting!!" But believe me if you watch this you too will feel the same I am. May be a little more or less.For the first time I rated a movie 10 in IMDB. You can feel even more if you have siblings.I did watch it with my didibhai... and yes we both were sobbing with our own and holding each other hand tight.

Seita and Setsuko at their good odd times

 The story is all about a 14 year old brother and his only tiny sister who have recently lost their parents in World War II attacks and the FIREFLIES.The story is about the love, care, responsibilities and duties of a brother who did everything possible to keep her sister safe. They were betrayed by their relatives and the society too [quite normal during crisis] but they had to be alive.They accepted the harsh truth with joy and happiness.They found their ray of hope to live more.They fought,fought and fought but the tragedy took place at the end which was pathetic and sensitive. For some fraction of time I didn't realize that it was an animation. It was so alive and felt like everything was happening right in front of my eyes and I could not help them.

few moments

Seita and Setsuko with their basic needs

Setsuko.. the little tiny Setsuko

Readers please watch this movie.

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