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Beauties through my Eyes

A kind request to be patient as I have written so much..Yes these lines I am writing after finishing the total post.So long it is.But hope you will like it.


Well.where to start ?? Could you guess anything after reading the title of the post ?? Yes,obviously it is about Beauty and Art.What comes on your mind first when you hear the beauty and art ? Yes you have enough time to think.But let me tell about my visionary about beauty and art.

Arts,Sculptures and Beauties have been my top priority all time.I am a true praiser of Beauty and anything artistic creation.It can be anything.But today here which I am going to write is about the Living sculptures from my angle of view.I feel God's best creation is the Women kind.He/She whomever has created us,has taken a lot of time to fill all the art,sculptural flow throughout us.An artist never steps behind to experiment with a woman's emotion,expression and poised posture.I am so proud to  be a part of God's innovative creation.Anyways today I am going to list down the women I have admired for their beauty and persona.Sometimes I wanted to be like some of them and even tried to copy some of them (sorry don't feel bad to accept it).

Starting with Beauties :

1. Suchitra Sen : 

For a Bengali it is too hard to pen about the evergreen Diva of Bengal.The true beauty who has touched millions of hearts with her acting and beauty.I have never seen such a strong personality,with strong and modern attitude in that era.The way she used to look in each and every frame of black & white camera is awestrucking. I love her eyes and the way she used to tell everything via her eyes.I remember Rina Brown to be the smartest young lady to sing "Merry go Round" with flowing dubbed lips.I love the smile she poured while riding behind Mahanayak and singing "Tumi ii Bolo  ♫" from Saptapadi.

2. Madhubala

She is yet another beauty of black and white Bollywood.Millions of men,boys still become mesmerized by her beauty.Her charm and flirtatious smile killed and still kills Millions of hearts.Her few pictures remind me of Marilyn Monroe.For me she was the Marilyn Monroe of the then Bollywood.Her dark lipstick and charming million dollar smile of  a black and white picture is surely similar to the Monroe Queen.

3. Waheeda Rahman

She is my so favorite.Her cold beauty and look are just like a portrait for me.Her various postures in Neelkamal are not so much indifferent with a temple sculpture.Her glittering face while dancing the Indian Bollywood Desi dance always snatch my mind to watch her again and again."Waqt ne Kiya kya haseen sitam" depicts a homely attired woman of the Old India.No one can forget "Aj phir jeene ki Tamanna hain" from Guide.From all aspects she is so poetically beautiful.

4. Sadhna Shivdasani :

She may not define the beauty which we usually refer to.Even she is not the beauties I discussed so far.But I die for her smile.She had an awesome charming beauty which was calm and cold.Her hair fringes surely wooed the fashion trend.Her shy homely look and a sweet personality made her one of the best beauties for me.

5. Hema Malini

Now what to say about her.Ma Durga knew that she would not able to show her face to everyone,thus she made Hema Malini for us to imagine.Yes !! She is heavenly beautiful.More over that at this age also she looks stunning with her personality and beauty.She is so so so beautiful.No one can disagree... Right ?

6. Rekha  

An ultimate dusky beauty with "Maya" and "Moh" in her eyes.Who doesn't love Rekha ?? From two flat braided hairstyle to open haired free style she looked awesome in every frame.Her eyes speak and tell every expression and emotions of her.From Chulbuli Girl of Khoobsoorat or homely simple wife of Ghar to a Tawaif of Umraojaan this South Indian beauty mesmerized everyone.

7. Jaya Prada
A pure Indian beauty.Rather than I should say a typical South Indian beauty with significant long black hair braided along with white flowers.She is too homely by look yet has a charming,calming,mind making beauty.Her Indian attire always wooed me and other audiences too.

8. Meenakshi Sheesadri
Her strong, sparkling and powerful acting described her beauty more in that sense for me.She was a complete blend of beauty with brain.From knowing five types of Classical dances and to Carnatic music ,she proved her again with her acting skills in Damini.I can hardly forget her Tandav from Damini.She was mindblowing.I still remember her classical dance items which used to be aired on DD National when I was a kid.She is just marvelous. But I do miss her as for many years she has been unseen on screen.

9. Divya Bharati

 She was another young beauty who left us soon. Her bubbly nature made her more and more beautiful.It is very sad that we could not see more from where she had started her career.

10. Madhuri Dixit

Haye I am tired of praising her beauty always.How many pictures should I collect.God!! I am getting tired again.Her magical million dollar smile somehow reminds me of Madhubala and Suchitra Sen together.It's only my thought. Madhuri means Curly Step brownish opened hair, Madhuri means a mesmerizing flawless smile,Madhuri means a black and white picture with dark matt lipstick and at last Madhuri means Latka Jhatka Dance with her graceful adas jisme main hu fida. Anyways I have written vast about her in one of my post.Please do read it here.

11. Aishwarya Rai

A cold soothing beauty which should not be disturbed by touching or making noise.Her beauty is like cold pearl or a cold gem stone.Cold only cold.Meditate through her eyes,get lost and never come back.Though I was talking about all the natural beauties here but still I can not stop writing abouit her.Yes there are various rumours about her plastic beauty and all but her eyes ?? Her eyes are as precious to me as some real Aishwarya [wealth].An ethnic elegant beauty of Calender or portrait who can be best suited as Jodha or any other historical character.Grew up watching her and dancing with her tracks.In short I love her beauty.Again I must say you people to read my old post here.

12. Deepika Padukone

"Hirni jaisi chaal" can be perfectly suited for her.Whoa.. I started praising her when I first saw her picture for P.C Chandra Adv hoarding and then and then she appeared in so many films and now she is at the top of Bollywood Queen's seat.She has gained and learned skills and improved her so well.Anyways I was here to write about her beauty.So will discuss it.Her eyes,her poised figure,her sharp intelligent attitude and her sense of true fashion mesmerize me so so much.She is the one who is blessed with natural god gifted beauty with awesome features and among all the plastic beauties of now I find her truly gorgeous.She looks best in any outfit.I just love her.

13. Yami Gautham

A newbie of Bollywood but yet very beautiful and blessed with natural beauty.I have got nothing much to say about her.Just have a look at her snaps.

huhhhhhh..phewwwwwwwwww.. I am tired now...That's all..

Thanks for keeping your patience as I know this post is so so long.Even I am realizing it .. but I am so happy to gather all the beauties together in one post.Hope you all have enjoyed it.

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Post about special persona's [Only personalities and charismatic attitudes]whom I admire so much will be coming soon .... 

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  1. My two fashion idols have always been Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana. I dont know why, may be because they both went through so much while being constantly scrutinized by the media

    1. Thanks for sharing your view.. :)

    2. Jaya Prada should be numero uno. She is eternal beauty. I think she is the most beautiful actress Indian cinema has ever produced. Thank u, for keeping out sreedevi, who is not so beautiful and not had not so much talent, but manipulated to do a lot of films. I think Poonam Dhilon and Debosree Roy should be included, but rituparna not.


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