Friday, 13 September 2013

Shopping at 2030 ... just an imagination

Definition of Shopping has changed a lot and will change too.Being a woman,the shopaholic factor has come into my soul too (though not like a maniac).

Have we ever imagined,that shopping would become this easy ?I am a true online shopper.I prefer to buy most from online.For a little single thing also I love to surf online stores and I am happily satisfied with it and most people are too.

But yes physically hopping and shopping is much more fun as you get to do much more while shopping but time is moving on and so the technologies are, to bring more comfort in our life.We are now at 2013,let's skip few years more and jump to 2030.Then how will it be ?? 

hmm let me draw a quick structure of few differences and changes 

in 2013 : 

If we wish to buy anything,we rather prefer buying them physically from the real shops of XYZ market / Mall and swap the membership cards to get some extra reward points or people like me shop them via online.I know the real shops will never be flop and will continue it's journey in future too.But there may be a vast changes for online stores.What we do before shopping from online ?First of all we set our mind about the product and then go to the online stores, then keep them in our wishlist or buy them after comparing the prices and qualities among the other sites, We pay them via credit cards,debit cards or make COD payment.That's all right ?? Now let's come to 2030.

in 2030 :

We do have unique ID card for our own identity right ? Same way we may have a unique shopping Id card too.That shopping ID card will be unique for all of our shopping.The card will have to be renewed every year for upgrading.We will not need to swap several membership cards for crediting points.Rather than that for each swap a minimum amount will be added to our card which will be summed up and at the end of the year will be deducted for poor people and with that extra rewarded money the poor people will be provided their needed cloths as well.

Now let's come to the shopping part.As I have said, We may have a unique card and yes the whole shopping will be done via that card only whether online or offline.Now while entering into several online stores , thousands of choices and confusions do arise.But in 2030 we may have a single portal where we will need to log in via our unique shopping card Id and then we will need to check our wishes and instantly all the brands and stores will reach us with our matching criteria and in simplest way we will hop and shop ☺. I  mean just the reverse will happen.Good na ?

ha ha 

Let's see and wait.I will be much older after 16 years and surely will read this post then ☺ LOL who knows what's going to happen.

hmm that was my idea and imagination of new way to shop at 2030 ... Hope you liked it.

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