Thursday, 5 September 2013

Journey with a Stranger - Part VI

Unlike my last post under this series "Journey with a Stranger" ,this post is not so bitter but a very sweet,innocent and joy filling one.

This post is about a  chotto (small) journey with a chotto (small) special stranger.I was on the way to home from office and I was travelling in Train, the local train. Yes!! People residing at Kolkata know well how the local trains use to be and mainly about the rush to get up into train [crowded or not, getting up into the train has to be a tight fight].Anyways, getting back to the point where I was actually LOL.

As I mentioned I was inside the horrifying ladies compartment where you can hear several quarreling sounds by some yelling cats having some solid cat fights with each other usually. But today something made me happy and pushing me hard to write about it. As usual I was standing at the corner near the gate and waiting for my station to come soon. Suddenly I could hear some cute chuckles from back. I turned back and could see a small cute happy baby boy cheering all around. He was around 6-8 months old. His very fair complexion, brownish fine hair and his smile made him so so special to me. Babies are always a weakness for me. He was wearing a sky blue baby set with his huggies nappy out... [so cute... aww]..His grandmother was playing with him and allowing him to touch the jumping rail handles. His hair was moving slightly with the fans blowing up above the roof. At last he could touch the handles and held it tightly. The joy he got and the sounds he made, were ugh-maa-zzing, I mean it made me to laugh and smile at him. The moment I smiled, he turned around me and smiled with empty teeth set .ha ha!! I moved my fingers towards his face and tried to juggle them around his face. He held one of them and I can't say how tightly he held it. He was chuckling constantly and was happy, happier may be happiest. Even I was so happy .I don't know how the time passed and my station came. But I lost all my tiredness.

And that's how the small wonder made this small journey so special...

Without Kitkat , I took a kitkat break LOL...

though the baby was not this big
but could justify the happy break with this picture

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