Sunday, 15 September 2013

"Ending Soon" Canopy

Several days and nights have passed so,
Yeah !! I did but still not able to 
forget though !!

Your voice, your smile,
still please my mind sometimes 
for a while !!

I still feel you the way I used to, 
though I don't see you !!
Our fun & giggles roam around my eyes,
& give me a chilling surprise !!

I murmur the old tunes,
which we used to exchange via Bluetooth !!
I laugh at how we ran,
for "catch me if you can" !!
and played "Hide and Seek", 
behind the walls of brick!!

I chuckle loud 
and come back to reality,
I pack the memories and cover 
them with an "ending soon" canopy !!!

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  1. Beautiful poem Debarati! Sometimes, letting go is the only option we are left with.


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