Thursday, 26 September 2013

It's our fault

pic : indiatoday

I don't know why this video became this much controversial.. may be for the title ... huh ... and why viral ?? yes it has the reason with it..Haven't you guy watched it ?? Then please do watch .... No no don't get scared for the title which they are using...Even I too did get a little bit,and was angry on the video.But no I smiled with a grace and felt ashamed of this society while watching and yes after a while even I too uttered that it's our fault with this happy sarcasm..

watched it ?? yeah !! haven't you heard the words she uttered ?? 

It's not her script ... there are so many men around us who flawlessly speak the same words but watch and trigger their perversion by watching some pornography movies .... but blame us ultimately..

Hey !! you moron !! men ... please think think and think million times before saying those stinky words !!!! 

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