Monday, 29 December 2014

It was all about LIFEHOOD

Watched a movie named BOYHOOD ... and truly saying this movie's imaginative hangover is still on my head and mind. What should I say now .. I mean look here..I am just scribbling something something.

Okay.. let me take a small and deep breath and start about the movie.

First of all, this kind of movie I have never watched before. I think I am not the only one to say this. Because probably this one is the first movie which has shown the real transformation of the characters. YES you heard it right.. The real transformation of the real actors. What do we usually watch in a movie ? Different people to play the different ages of any A-B-C character. But this one was a movie which captured the real changes throughout 12 years of shoot but only for 45 days out of these years. So this actually won my heart.

The evolution of Mason

Let's come to the story part. Please if you are a Have - To - Be - Unique - and - Fantastic story hunter then just stop and don't watch because this movie is not for you. This story doesn't have so called unique story where you need to think and think about the climax or keep on guessing what is you may find it boring to watch 2:45 mins long yawning movie. This movie is all about a flow of life of a normal boy named Mason and how his life moves on since childhood to adulthood. With him how the circumstances change along with his mother's, sister's and father's life. We all have our own story right? Not all of them are so special but they are good for us, the individuals. Our childhood memories, teenage memories and so many times we have which all are good and simple but yes not so special for others. Boyhood's story was all about that. A small kid who has his single mother and elder sister. Then how the surrounding world changes through the subtle metamorphosis.
He meets with new friends time to time and then falls in love with a girl, then gets heart broken and then what ? Life moves on ...

Now what did I feel about this movie?

Frankly while watching this movie, I was feeling okay. Okay because to watch and feel others story is always cherishable. As the characters were growing up too with the flow  it was interesting to watch but at that time also I didn't feel this much affection on this movie. As much as I was leaving each and every moments of their lives behind, I was certainly able to feel their pasts. Like I do for mine. I mean to say like recollecting my own pasts. Pasts about the situations, pasts about how I used to look at the age of 15 and so so ... kind of and when Mason became 18 and was ready to leave his mother to become self-dependent, I just thought Oh My God  ... this boy was a kid when I started this movie and now this big? His mother breaks off with tears and says that every innings of her life has finished except her funeral. That will be the last innings. It suddenly knocked me and forced me to think how do our parents feel ? The same way right ? They just feel that the time passed so fast .. Phew .... (Long Sigh)

This movie catches the whole time span since childhood to adulthood so precisely and smoothly that it will mesmerize any emotional fool like me .. and especially if you like slow movies. Just let yourself float with the time, you can enjoy this movie too.. and I believe that in reality also it is good to let life be the way it likes to fly...  Just be the spectator of that ... 

and the last song of Family Of the Year's special edition of their song Hero is breezy and thought provoking. Perfect with the climax when Mason leaves his mother to find his own reflection.
Let me go
I don't want to be your HERO
I don't want to be your Big Man
Just wanna fight with everyone else .... ♫♫

Life just moves on and on and on !!! 

P.S How can I forget talking about the Director Richard Linklater. His Before Series is still in my heart's soft corner. His way of capturing the flow is so nice ..

Mercy for Typos Please ...................... ♥♥♥
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