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Boon of Being in Bolpur Part - II

Hi friends and readers, I promised that I would be back with my next posts on Bolpur right? and here I am.

If you want to feel any place, then never miss it while early morning. Morning is the best time span when nature speaks at its best.Being in Bolpur was really a boon and that too at morning I felt like being in heaven. Staying at city has a big advantage because when you go to a countryside, you can easily differentiate the way nature talks. Each and every original sound tends to be more precious. 

I usually don't walk in the morning or jog while being at home. But I knew that while being in Bolpur Shantiniketan I must had to walk at foggy morning.I just could not miss it. I started exploring the Prabhat exactly at 6:00 AM along with my parents and the experience I gathered is described below.

It was so foggy that nothing could be seen properly. Only the rusty roads and white fogs which could be viewed properly. I was walking towards Visva Bharati College campus. Many people from Kolkata and other places were there in vacation and were out for morning walk. Most of them were middle aged and old aged. The fantastic thing was to listen the sounds of nature. I could listen only the sound of footsteps by the people who walked, the chirps of various birds and the sound of Tagore's Songs played at some guest houses and the feeling was so holy and pure. 

This was a guest house I guess. I captured it because
in this garden there was a mild speaker which was playing two of my favorite tracks
"Na Chahile Jaare Pawa Jaye" & "Jokhon Porbe Na Mor Payer Chinho". The
ambiance was too pure to describe here.

Me Me Me

This road leads to nowhere and ends right at the vision you can spot so far.
But the road was calm and aloof from human talks..

Can you spot the beautiful nest? Birds were chirping so beautifully here. Various birds
and their various sounds.  

In the mid time while walking I met five cute puppies with whom I played so so much. So it was kind of blessing for me too to find them and to spend  a vigorous amount of time with them.

Walking in Visva Bharati Campus at morning was a divine experience. In winter class starts at 7:00 am around. I could see the parents of little kids coming to the school and leaving their tiny students at the campus and on the other hand senior girls were coming to school via cycle and were in hurry to reach the gate to attend school. 

Read my poem here
Beautiful Blemish

I can't describe how the feel was when I clicked this picture.... This picture was taken at Visva Bharati Old Poush Mela Prangan. The time was 6:45 around at morning.. Foggy and chilled very much. Even I got few frozen droplets falling on my palm... Calm the weather was and thus the atmosphere. School Bell was ringing to gather students at Amrakunja... and here at this place tune of Sitar was being broadcasted. The feeling was heavenly. 

and thus the land is ... Holy Heaven of Peace, Art and Culture

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