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Boon of Being in Bolpur Part - I

Hi Friends and Folks ... My dear readers .. I know I was so irregular at updating my blog for past two weeks but yes here I am back again to re establish the connection between you and me via my posts.

Today I will write a travel post. Recently I had been to Bolpur, West Bengal. It was all of a sudden family trip and enjoyed so much. More over I just didn't miss any single moment of Bolpur. I captured few pictures and will try to share them with my words attached with them so that you can feel them too... and yes I am sure you will love to come here once in your life.

I used to feel very shameful for not visiting Shantiniketan once in my lifetime till before this weekend. The person whom I pray, I worship emotionally and whom I admire most in the field of Art and Literature Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's Ashram Shantiniketan was still unseen to me. And yes All Bengalis do that. We live Tagore actually. Many times I planned but failed. Sometimes sudden plans do work better. This time it really did. A sudden plan made my entire memories of Bolpur a blissful one..

Let me first introduce about Shantiniketan, Bolpur to Non-Residential Readers of Bengal. I don't have much words to describe who he was. I am such a little nano^infinity person to state his persona. To read more about Shantiniketan read here.Wikipedia is better in stating something than me obviously.

I started my journey on last Saturday. From the beginning of my journey One line was stroking me hard from inside. "Shantiniketan ... where the roads are Red and Art is Wide"... Some extra thinking capability ignited I guess. And that's how it happens. A boring, technical person's mind will also melt with the atmosphere and a less romantic person will also start falling in love if the person visits Shantiniketan once.

I stayed in a lodge that was very near to Visva Bharati University. As I told that I began my journey on Saturday, I just didn't miss the Shonibaarer Haat near Khoaai River (In Bengal early days Haat meant a temporary market which appeared weekly once or twice in the villages. Even now also in villages Haats do exist.Not only in Bengal I think Haats were common in other states too). I was amazed to visit the haat.  There were variety of shops and variety of things to buy. Even I did too along with my mother and sister.

The journey towards Khoaii just started. Sun was on the way to set.

ShonaJhuri Jungle... 

Just before the Shonibaarer Haat (Saturday Haat)

Seller One

Seller Two

The Sun won't Set ♫ ... Robir Utthan jekhanei jai..sekhanei khunje pai

Seller Three

Bauls with their folk songs

Ami chini go chini tomare ... Ogo ....  ♫

Badol Baul Bajaye re Ektara ♫

Family Photo .. 

This doggie was super cute at the way it was staring at me 

The dawn has landed then. Winter was coming down with more mist. Haat was finishing up then. Sellers were busy packing their stuffs Bauls were still playing their instruments and the rooted voice and then there was this cafeteria with earthy finishing and a rooted atmosphere. Evening snacks and meals are available. But the ambiance is quite like hush hush.. just talk and feel. No one will disturb you.

Can you see the light through?

There were loads of paintings too

Earthen Tea Pot and hot snacks are ready to avail

In the dusk, the cafe

Evening was saying good bye

Outside the Cafe... Inside the  jungle

Will say about it in next post. 

Forgive me for any typos... In hurry to sleep now

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