Saturday, 3 January 2015

Can anyone be GOOD to all ?

Define good girls... Everybody has an opinion about a good whats yours?

Another Indispire topic which really poked me to write up. So who are the Good Girls ?

As this question was asked to be answered, I am going to write a brief about what I actually think about this term "Good Girl".

I believe there is nothing so symbolic meaning about the term Good Girl.. As the topic stated too, everybody has an opinion about a good girl. Let's just drop the work girl. Let's talk about GOOD person. A person may be good for someone and at the same time can be bad to someone else. It depends on totally the way other thinks about you. So it is better to ignore what others think about you, because it is never possible to please everyone's mind and it is not possible too to behave according to everyone's wish. Come on, it may lead you to become BAD for someone and then GOOD as well. 

So I would call a person GOOD if that person is clear from his/her mind and yes mostly never intend to harm or hurt anyone. I would never like that. Yes because wishing for anyone's bad is so negative. This really don't define goodness according to me. Harmless person is always appreciated and whether that person is a GUY or a GIRL, that really doesn't matter.

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  1. Very interesting blog! Just added you on istagram too!

  2. Thank you :) Yes saw that :) Thanks :)

  3. you catch the right word good person irrespective of gender. keep it up.


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