Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why did we bleed ?

We were ready 
like the way we do daily
wearing a smile and with rising hope 
to spend the rest of the day
moved out for the way
 to school,
our Army Pubic School

Neither did we know
nor thought in nightmare
that we would be killed 
and become the prey of inhuman Terror....
They had bombs, guns
and shot us one by one..
We saw our teacher and mates
loosing their unfinished lives to death
they couldn't even cry
neither they could even try
to save each other
and the holy ground of 
Wisdom and Tutorial


What we did ?
and Why did we bleed ?

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  1. Really very very touching. I am saddened by the fact that in-spite of getting support from India in this matter Pakistan still released the mastermind of Mumbai attack. I am sorry to note that state that support terrorism suffer like this. Every time I think of those innocent children I shudder in fear and think - RIP Humanity.

    1. Thanks for leaving comment.. Yes it was a shameful incident to humanity


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