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PK ho ka ??

No No !! I was not at all PeeKay while watching this movie.. Now here as I am writing about this movie, it may seem that this one is a Movie Review !! Unfortunately or Fortunately No.. Because I really don't think that I am fast enough to write a review... Critics and Reviewers have already posted their reviews before a week ☺ ☺

Anyways today managed to take out the time and also to book the tickets  ☺☺ (25th Dec --> Houseful) and finally watched PK. In one word this one was one of the finest Hindi movies of 2014. A funny movie included with total wit and humor quotient and also a thoughtful underlying message.

I always discuss about our social system in my blog and sometime oppose too and for that I had to listen really some comments online or offline that how can I conclude something like this against the system. Few even said that by writing this I want to become Famous (OMG ... how bizarre these thoughts are) and blah blah blah. Anyways I feel so thus I write here.. This movie too spoke up about hypocrisy, our confusing system and how we make the law and then pretend that to be right and then push others to follow it. 

Who was PK? An alien right ?He had only his birthday suit to wear and knew that there is only one supreme power who created us, the alive beings, the galaxy and the whole universe. But unfortunately when he landed on this earth, the first thing he found was theft... and then to find his valuable Remote he had to struggle so so much that he got confused with the concept of GOD. Who is God ? ... hmm thoughtful .. I agree that this concept was similar enough with Oh My God, but still it's not that bad to get reminded about the same thinking !! 

So here I am including some scenes which I found really good [most of the sequences were good but still enlisting few of them]

1. Gandhiji is most valuable when he is over the notes !! 
2. How do we react when it comes about CONDOMS that too in public !! 
3. "Recharging the battery dance"  - sad or depressed just DANCE like no one is watching. 
4. PK's dancing cars and then stealing cloths and money :p LOL . The way he got the bizarre dresses ☺
5. PK's term - WRONG NUMBER and the concept of SECOND GOD
6. Dances of Shiva - in the toilet ( ROFL)
7. Self Defense in PK style [Sticking up God's posters on face]

****************************** ROFL *******************************

 Now coming to the point about the cast...

Amir - Mindblowing as usual and I was happy to see him in his original avatar after the biggest blunder in his life. Dhoom 3.. Phew - No words more

Anoushka - She was damn good and fortunately she was not looking that bad as she did in KJO's show. Though she got a new get up with her newly dolled up lips , she did look fab and carried off JAGGU really well. Tomboyish, bubbly and chirpy smart independent girl. ( Virat my love - good choice but yes not like me LOLz !! Thumbs Up Man ♥♥ )

Sushant - ♥ My heart keeps calm when my eyes meet him. Such a lovey dovey. But he was in the movie for so less span of time.

Sanjay Dutt - Mast

Saurav Shukla - the dhongi baba !! LOL ... 

Overall - after talking this much !! I would like to say, that I enjoyed this movie so much !! ☺☺

I enjoyed another thing that I forgot to mention here. There was a guy who was sitting beside me and he was probably a Bhojpuri speaking guy. The way he was laughing was really fun to listen. PK's Bhojpuri dialogues made him laugh more than others. After all mother tongue is mother tongue right ? 
and also
I am not an atheist !! I believe in God and God's power. I respect religion too. Because they are the way we are praising the almighty's power. But the concept I oppose is the way we discriminate. No religion is better than the others. All are same... If our mind is opaque and clear, then everything seems positive and good. There we can find the existence of GOD. 

I already posted one post before few weeks here about that supreme natural being.. and yes Mercy me for any typos mistakes !! Please ............

Loads of love ... see you in my next post.

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  1. E Gola me Bahute Confusion hai :) Such a nice movie it is...


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