Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Obviously the real Pages !!

Paperback editions vs eBooks.

Now will anyone tell me ? Where will I get the smell of the pages ?? Over E-books ?? Never !! 

I always prefer the Paperback Edition or the real so called books where I can touch the papered pages and turn them over... then can smell the book throughout the pages. Will I get this feeling over Ebooks ??

and also Can you spot any difference between an old book and an old Ebook ?? No Never.. Where will I get to see the several touches of several unknown people who read the same book before? Where will I find the bookmarks of folded pages ?? Where will I get to see some names written on one of the pages somewhere in the book.. ?? These all do happen when you can physically touch  the book ... Ebooks -- is just a way  to read virtually ... 

Frankly saying I do never get any feel or charm to read Ebooks ... they are so so annoying ... but due to shortage of time ... For R & D I too opt for this Ebooks ... 

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  1. I also prefer the "real" books compared to E-books. :-)

  2. Nice post......I like only real pages books.....

  3. What about trees getting cut to make books? Doesn't that contribute to carbon emissions and global warming?

    1. See .. everything has pros and cons... eBooks have been introduced to us recently right? before that people used Books to read... Even if you are saying about the global warming.. Then we must stop the use of papers... Even the money notes ?? then ??

      Thank you for your view :) It did let me to think a precious thought


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