Thursday, 20 November 2014

Being a CODER .... Few awesome witty images with REAL HUMOR which a programmer will understand

Hi Friends,

               I think in last three years of my blogging for the first time I am going to write something about technical field, my earn to bread field of programming. No please it is not any of those tutorials to solve your conceptual coding mistakes. Instead this post is to summarize few witty images which throw a real LAUGH at our lives. What we say, what we think and how we do behave while playing with our brain and the 'GOD GIFTED LOGICS'  lolz... Check them out.

ha ha ha ha ... Did you like them.. Well the pictures are collected from Pinterest. 

Apart from jokes .. the joy of the whole journey while coding is something so unusual.. Though we curse and give thousands of gaali for being a developer but at the end of the day when the code runs successfully.. the joy is over applauding .... Happy Coding all programmers out there ...   

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