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That Small Hopeful Blessed School

Last month I planned to have a trip near North Bengal along with my friends. Summer was heating and we thought nothing could have been better than having a vacation on hills that too nearer to my city Kolkata. The memory could only have few fun-pictures or happy moments, but fortunately we brought something up with our chilled memories too. It was a pleasure of discovery. A discovery of noble experience. an experience which was unexpectedly good.

We were on the way to Tumling, which borders the Northern Bengal & Nepal. And there we halted at an unknown small village named Megma. Zig zag narrow roads over the hills were surrounded by small wooden hilly houses. The climate was wonderful. Foggy, misty and silent. It was morning 7:00 approximately. We went to a local homely food stall to have some breakfast. It was more a house with small benches in front of the main door than a food stall. But it was perfect for lite breakfast and hot cup of tea. The lady host was cooking omelette for us and besides she was making her small daughter ready for school. We wondered school in this tiny village?  We found that village was small enough to have a school. And there the mother of Sunita Thapa who was the host actually elaborated about the school Saraswati Mandir and it's background  and mostly the principal. It was heart wrenching and we became curious to pay a visit to that school just to meet the authority. Gradually we cancelled our plan immediately.

Reaching the school was not so easy. The roads were rough and rocky. It was a bit dangerous too. But the little Sunita continued her smooth walk while guiding us.On the way to school we met Neela ji. Neela ji serves as a teacher in that school. She has been teaching in that school for past 20 years. She informed us that the school is 9900 feet above sea level and when we asked how much more did we need to walk, she smiled and replied still 2 Kms more.

After a long curious walk we reached to Saraswati Mandir school at Megma. We were amazed. Amazed by the whole discovery and the scenario. It was a small school with two classrooms where few cute innocent kids were present as student and they were sitting on the half broken benches. As we entered they welcomed us with a Namaste and cuddly smiles.The classrooms had cracked old black boards which were definitely not black anymore. Though it was small school, it had some different positivity inside it. A peaceful, noble aroma was present inside the rooms. Neela ji then introduced us with the principal  Mr. Chandrakumar Pradhan,who we heard a lot about. We were no one but some travelers but he did not show any disappointment on meeting with us during the school time. He was generous with his broad smile on his face and very open minded. When we asked about her responsibilities as a Principal he broke the misconception and told that he was Principal of the school but before one year. He retired though he teaches still. He teaches because it was his dream once to teach the rural kids so that education can knock all the doors. He teaches only to spread the education among the underprivileged children. His honest will to teach every children till his death stole our hearts. Neither does he do this for money nor any fame. He just loves it.

Our conversation was going on and suddenly he took us to the backyard of the school building. There we could see a small on going construction. When we asked about that, he smiled on us with joy and pleasure and then reverted back to us with a wonderful happy news. He then stated that before few months few people like us came and visited the school and recorded everything which was happening right there like other documentaries. He never knew that they were planning something big for him and his school. We could see his eyes started sparkling with tears of joy. He then started again, that after few weeks of those travelers visit he got a call from Tata Capital. When he answered the call he got to know that TATA Capital had arranged a #DoRight Campaign to spread his half incomplete story to gain some donation to help Saraswati Mandir School. The campaign included writing competition where various writers took part to give the best suitable destiny to Saraswati Mandir and several articles, videos were published through various social media about his unknown school so that someone can make donation. Pradhanji started weeping with joy and satisfaction and then shared that he got a huge amount of donation to extend his school from various people and then he got so many gift boxes containing the stationary utilities for all children. Neither did he know the senders nor did he try too. "All were gift from God" - he mumbled and smiled broadly at us. 

It was late afternoon then. After this wonderful conversation & exploration we were touched and moved.

Now it was the time for us to move out. As soon as we took the U turn while walking apart from school and leaving it behind, we turned back and saw 20 - 25 kids accompanied by Pradhan Ji and Neela Ji waving their hands at us. We too waved back until we took another U turn of the road. And there the dawn fell down.

P.S  Practically I haven't visited this place ever. Whatever I have just penned down are the outcome of the proper amalgamation of my imagination and the information I gained from this video. I Googled the place and tried to describe as I felt. Things may not match in reality. 

Saraswati Mandir School. Picture is not taken by me
Credit. #DoRight

Megma Village.This picture is obviously not captured
by me. The picture credit goes to Purnima Roy and Flickr.
Check her pictures here

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