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Are we the root of this problem ??

I don't how many posts I have written on this matter. But every time I feel the same irritation, same hatred and same trigger of killing them all. Ok so today again I am here to write on the crime and sexual violence against women.

Is this new ? I tried to quote 'this' as 'The overall procedure of sexually molesting  and offering disrespect to us just for fun and also to hurt our self dignity, to make us as the object of domination, evidence of male power in-front of the society'. Is this new ? No it is not. It has been happening since the epic mythological saga Mahabharat and everyone of us [Indians] read it in our life, knew the actual insult Draupadi had tolerated. That was offensive and what happens today is also similiarly offensive, How everyone kept quite and watched the 'Vastraharan' is similar to how our society reacts today, How Draupadi was blamed as characterless for having five husbands is similar to the fact how society blames us for our dress up and our living style. It is all same. 

Woman : Why are you teasing me?

Man : Because you are giving chance and exposing your body. 

Woman : I am not exposing my body. I have just wore a short and a simple tee. Because I like it.

Man: No. You can not wear whatever you like. Wear something which can never invite our vulture some eyes.

Woman. Ok ..

Woman changes the dress and wears a Full length jeans

Man : Wow.. you look hot [teasing vulgarily]

Woman : Now why are you touching my butt ?

Man : Because they look hot.

Woman : But I am wearing full length jeans and full sleeve top. Where am I showing my body?

Man: Yes you are absolutely showing your body up. The pant you are wearing is clearly focusing your nice bum and your chick curve. Better you change the dress and wear something Indian.

Woman changes the dress and wears Salwar- Kameez

Man (staring at her chest)

Woman : Why are you staring at me like this? What are you staring at ?

Man : Don't you think your neckline is so deep? Your cleavage can be clearly seen. 

Woman : That's not my fault. I haven't wore anything wrong. It's not deep too. It can happen sometimes. It is not possible to be cautious every time.

Man : You must be cautious else anything can happen with you. Dress something better.

Woman changes the dress to Saree and then.

Man (touching her waist and belly)

Woman : How dare you to touch me like this ?

Man : You are showing and telling me to not touch ? Why are you wearing Saree, don't you know your waist remains opened while you wear saree.. Better cover your body totally. Don't take chance.

Woman finally sticks to wear Burkha.

Man (taunting, whistling and trying to touch)

Woman : Why did you taunt? I am fully covered and not showing any body parts right except my eyes? Then why are you still misbehaving?

Man: It's because you are wearing Burkha. Don't you know we all want to see a woman body and there you are creating mystery by not showing a single skin. We are thirsty to see some flesh and skin. That's all. 

Woman : So this time also is it my fault ?

Man : Yes absolutely . It is your FAULT.

Woman : Yes it is my Fault

Read the conversation? Thinking about it ? Guessing it wrong? Unfortunately it is the real scenario. It is the fact between the victim and the society. Thousands of rallies  we join, thousands of shares we do, thousands of news we read but there again thousands of rapes will occur and this will continue right ?

Let me share two videos which I loved

Video Source : Youtube for all three videos

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