Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cozy, Dim and Sweet Den

Today I discovered a sweet little restaurant which is only few days old. Two of my colleagues had arranged giving a treat and they surprisingly took us to one of the small restaurant near by. It was very small and can be called as cafeteria. But it was ah-mazing. The ambiance was silent, cozy and peaceful. The inner world was decorated in a wooden texture, few art pieces were designed on the wall, Dim lamps were hung on top, few lamps were at side. The music they were playing was too nice and pleasing. Now can you guess how many people can have their meal altogether ? It's only 16. It was so nice and took my eyes on it. Next time I will be surely going to take my friends along with me there. Here are few pictures

Sorry my cell phone can not capture pictures in dim light.. But I guess I could show it somehow. 

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