Friday, 18 April 2014

Love is not only about Loving... All that matters is COMMITMENT

Watched 2 States... the movie. Frankly I had been waiting for this to release. Any movie excites me which I read before in book. I love to match my imaginations and the plot with the visual portrayal. 

2 STATES is a book of Chetan Bhagat's marriage and an example of commitment. When I read it, I loved it as it did tell the real story of so many couples. Especially in India, we have so many cultures to hold. We say that we are united in this Diversity. But when it comes up about Marriage between two different cultures or religion, it brings out the biggest issue, then it becomes worst if North meets South in anyway as the cultures diversify in their very own way . 2 States was a story of commitment and a proper display of dedication towards Love.

Love is not selfish and love is not about disloyalty.  Love is not about holding your hands and roaming around. Love is the actual, the purest form of emotion which actually comes from your heart. Love is all about how much you can do for the person you love, how much you can sacrifice for your love and how far you can go to just be together for whole life. Love is not cowardliness,  Love is not about backing off in the middle way, Love is not about breaking the commitment. Love is all about the vow you make from your heart. 

While reading also I respected Chetan Bhagat and his wife Anusha for their commitment towards themselves. They tried, tried and at last they did it. I have seen one real life couple who belonged to different culture [North vs South] and different religion too. After few years of fight they finally did it before two months.  Read their story here

Let's come to the movie part. It was like reading the book again. Few portions were missing but yes it was movie right. They had to pack everything up within those few hours. Overall I am satisfied. Arjun Kapoor was not Arjun Kapoor. He was Krissh Malhotra only. His charm was hiding on his chubby cheeks and the geeky glasses. I loved him. You can say that I am total fida on him right now. Bring one Krish, yes I will be ready to marry him. Alia was damn glamorous and beautiful throughout the movie. Manish Malhotra's costumes were just awesome. But for few times, I could not match her as Ananya [only my thought] especially in Tamil attire. Her face is not at all like Tamilian but yes she did her job well and other characters were just perfect. Perfect as the book. I am super happy that I could match few of my imaginations with the frames shot. Especially the Chennai part.[*wink* You might know my love for Chennai]

Overall I must say that yes Please watch the movie.

P.S      a small suggestion though I know I am the least to suggest anyone anything. But would love to request everyone, that if you love someone from your heart and the core, do your best to be committed towards that person. Commitment doesn't imply to get married, it is about how much you want to be together with that person and to what extent you can go to keep the value of those very common three words I LOVE YOU. Because saying these words is easy but it's hardest to keep.

My favorite track from this movie which defined Krish and Ananya's story. Man Mast Magan ♫

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