Monday, 21 April 2014

Journey with the Strangers Part IX

My last post under this label was on 14th November, 2013. So does it mean that I haven't had any interaction with any strangers who could sway my mind towards them ? Yes few did and they all are still in my memory. And I am going to jot them down some other day.But not today. Today I am going to write about the lonely yet musical stranger I have met in bus.

He was nearly above 60 and was alone having his journey in the same bus I was riding on. He sat exactly in front of me and was wearing a red kurta with a loose trouser. He grew his white beard much to cover his face with and he had a high plus powered glass on his eyes. At first I didn't notice him at all and this is how he caught my eyes.. Sorry ears first.

Definitely my body was tired and searching for a bit smoothness. Anyhow when I bagged a seat, positively I could listen few melodies out there. Usually Bus drivers play some Dhinka Chika songs so I doubted whether those songs were being played by the bus or not. But I followed the source of music and reached the space. It was him, the old man who was holding his cell phone in his chest pocket and was playing the radio. Few songs were my favorite, the old hits of Lata ji .. and guess the program. It was my favorite Suhana Safar by Anu Kapoor, on Big Fm. That program which tells each incidents related to all the celebrities. 

Unknowingly that stranger made me feel pleasant and  happy.

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