Thursday, 16 May 2013

The moral of the story is...?

A Very interesting topic to scribble on and a very thoughtful for us too.When I read this topic,first I remembered about my story.You can take it as an experience or a moral story too.Whenever I see any Dental clinic I surely get a nerve shake and an eerie feeling.Those chairs,that environment,those instruments and everything still scare me a lot.Now you may wonder that without telling the matter I am telling so much about my fear and the post effects .So here I am sharing those scary days of childhood.

Gum problem,Cavities were my best friends.I had totally 5 teeth dangerously affected with cavity.So surely I had to go to Dental clinics very often to get out of that pain.. Ugh..These incidents are so painful to remember.But here I really don't want to bore you people so gonna share only one incident which was very much terrible.

I was in class IV.I got that gum pain suddenly and then Papa had to take me to Dentist.But unfortunately the Dentist whom I was familiar with was out of station on that day.So he took me to some another clinic.It was kind of small nursing home.I was cutting my nerve out of that pain.Was crying terribly.I still remember one lady came and took me inside to give me the injection first around that sensitive gum area. oooohhh .. feeling that pain again.She was holding me tight and called up others to help her just to control me.I was crying terribly.For an 8 yr kid it was really hard to bare.Then they told me to take rest as after sometime they wanted to start that dangerous operation.I slept off.Suddenly felt that I was moving.When I made some sense to realize the atmosphere I could see 3-4 people (may be nurses or compounders) were holding me tight.Both hands and legs.And Mr.Dentist was standing with that forksome medical instrument to take out my teeth.I shouted and cried as much I could.Then I didn't know,When I opened up my eyes I was on my papa's lap.I came home.I started going to school.But I was strictly said to not talk much as I had a stitch on my upper right canal tooth.But I didn't stop I kept on talking and eating hard food radicals.Two days later when me and my mother both were in deep night sleep,she woke up at around 2:30 am and was terribly shouting.I got up and could feel the wetness not only over my right cheek but over the pillow and bed sheet. My papa came and switched on lights.I was shocked,everyone was stunned.Everything was damped with Blood clots.Papa checked and saw my stitch got opened.They called up doctors and series of massacre and tension started roaming around us.On the next day I had to bear again that pain of getting the stitch.But that was the last horrible incident in my life related to this Dental problem.Hope to not get this in my entire life.

So what's the moral Story you have got ??

Do care for your teeth.Wash your mouth after having heavy foods specially chocolates.Because without teeth and gum no one looks good while smiling even World's most beautiful lady Mrs.Aishwarya Rai Bachhan may look so horrible without it.Quite funny but it's true.

 Keep your teeth clean and Healthy and have a beautiful,'man behlane wali' smile ☺ 

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